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Shadow's B-Movie Graveyard

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The Good

* Hottest chick in film strips to go swimming.

My curiosity got the better of me and I looked to see who it is that Shadow considers the hottest chick in all of film; imagine my disappointment when I found that he apparently only meant the hottest chick in the film. :D

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DeepDiscountDVD.com is selling a set of 12 DVDs with 50 "classic" sci-fi

movies for $16.32 (free S&H).


Films Included:

1. The Incredible Petrified World

2. Queen of the Amazons

3. Moon of the Wolf

4. She Gods of Shark Reef

5. The Amazing Transparent Man

6. The Atomic Brain

7. Horrors of Spider Island

8. The Wasp Woman

9. Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet

10. Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women

11. Kong Island

12. Bride Of The Gorilla

13. Attack of the Monsters

14. Gamera the Invincible

15. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

16. Teenagers From Outer space

17. Crash of the Moons

18. Menace From Outer Space

19. Hercules Against the Moonmen

20. Hercules and the Captive Women

21. Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon

22. Hercules Unchained

23. Lost Jungle

24. Mesa of Lost Women

25. Assignment: Outer Space

26. Laser Mission

27. Killers From Space

28. Phantom From Space

29. White Pongo

30. The Snow Creature

31. Son Of Hercules: The Land Of Darkness

32. Devil of The Desert vs. Son Of Hercules

33. First Space Ship of Venus

34. Zontar, The Thing From Venus

35. The Astral Factor

36. The Galaxy Invader

37. Battle Of the Worlds

38. Unknown World

39. Blood Tide

40. The Brain Machine

41. The Wild Women Of Wongo

42. Prehistoric Women

43. They Came From Beyond Space

44. Warning From Space

45. The Phantom Planet

46. Planet Outlaws

47. Colossus and the Amazon Queen

48. Eegah

49. Cosmos: War of the Planets

50. Destroy All Planets

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There are actually several of those 50 movie packs. One for Horror, Science Fiction, Drive-In classics, Otherworlds, Tales of Terror and others for non genre stuff.

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What has it been, about five years since my last new review? No? It sure seems that way. Anyhoo, this time around it's a look at a forgotten 80's pseudo slasher, The Forest. Why pseudo? Well, there are no naked chicks, little gore and no spring loaded cats...all the staples of a standard slasher. This one tries to be more psychological, but just ends up being boring as all hell.

Oh, what is it about you ask? About 20 minutes too long! HA! Seriously, it's about two couples that encounter a crazy killer and numerous ghosts when they decide to go camping in the woods.

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I will read it as soon as I can. Also, The Killer Shrews was on TCM the other day but I did not tape it, having too much to watch as it is. I did tape Plan 9 From Outer Space, though, having wanted to see it for quite some time. Have not watched it yet.

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1958's Monster on the Campus tells the sad (more like pathetic) tale of university professor Donald Blake, who reverts to a primitive anthropoid (I bet you thought he'd turn into the mighty THOR!?) when he accidentally ingests irradiated coelacanth blood. Don't you just hate it when that happens? This movie must have set a record for how often people were shown on the phone:


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In an unprecedented alliance of B-Movie sites, some of which represent online groups like the Rogue Reviewers or The B-Masters Cabal, 21 sites came together for the B-Movie Beach Party Roundtable.

The theme of course was sand and surf, thus an abundance of monster flicks featuring creatures from the deep. My own contribution is the 1980 film, Humanoids From The Deep, a tale of horny Fish-men who pester a coastal community by killing the men and sexually assaulting the women.


Lessons learned from this film:

# Babies and dogs share a psychic link.

# Falling laundry sounds like a sword being unsheathed.

# The happiest dancers are drunken dancers.

# Women are inspired to strip naked by men with wooden ventriloquist dummies.

# Fish-men are voyeurs.

# Fish-men are extremely flammable.

# Wooden storage closets are completely sound proof.

# Drain cleaner is an acceptable melee weapon.

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I was hoping to have this one ready at Halloween, but long hours at work and the need to look after C while she deals with her herniated disk means it is a month late.

Night of the Demons (1988), in which a disparate group of moron teenagers throwing a party on Halloween night in an abandoned funeral home that has a tragic history, conjure up more than they can deal with when they decide to conduct a s?ance.

This one is my longest review ever. At over 32,000 words in length, it took me well over 2 hours just to proofread it. I advise packing a lunch if you attempt to read it. ;)


Edited by Shadow

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Not that anyone cares, but there are TWO new reviews at the Graveyard.

First up is one of the worst looking monsters ever in The Giant Claw!


Then the Graveyard's entry in the "VS" Roundtable, The Earth vs The Spider!


Two cheesy classics from the glorious 50's! :angel:

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Part of the reason I haven't been keeping up with the reviews is that they have gotten so long. They're excellent in every way, they're just loooong, which means they haven't been a priority. But you deserve a barrel of accolades for your work on the site. :)

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Don't worry about it. Even among the online B-movie community, my reviews are notoriosuly long and are not for everyone. Still, there is a small niche audience that likes the long, detailed process so I have managed to build a small following.

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I like to go straight to the captions with funny text. Reminds me of the old caption contests!

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It's another double dipping of cheesy goodness! It's update time at the old Graveyard and this time around we have Shadowzone from 1990, my entry in the Full Moon Rising Roundtable, which can be accessed HERE. After that is the glorified cheesy goodness of 1958's Queen of Outer Space, starring everyone's favorite cop abuser: Zsa Zsa Gabor!

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The most recent additions:

Tentacles (1977). Italian flick about a giant octopus terrorizing Southern California. Snores ensue.

Trick or Treat (1986). A dead rocker returns from beyond the grave when a nerd plays his final record backwards. Laughs ensue.

The Mole People (1956). Archaeologists explore a lost Sumerian civilization buried deep under an Asian mountain. Rubber monsters ensue.

Silent Night Deadly Night (1984). A traumatized youth believes that he is Santa Claus...and that it is Santa's duty to punish naughty people by sticking sharp things in their bodies. Bloody death ensues.

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How long does it take you do do one of these reviews, Shadow?

It depends on how much time I devote to it. Working hard, one review takes about two weeks, though three weeks is the norm. If I slack off, get lazy, distracted or as I am right now, uninterested, it can take longer. The film I am working on now was supposed to be finished in mid August. I have a good week of work to do on it still, yet haven't bothered to work on it since the end of last month. I'll get it done eventually, but recently I've been putting more effort and work into getting some fiction sold to paying markets.

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