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Lord of the Fries: Poss? of the Fry

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I'm bored, so here's my lil'parody. If you don't want to appear, just PM me. Depending on reaction, I may not even go beyond this one ;)

Chapter One: The Food Court

Shadow (Sauron): Three buritos, seven hard shelled tacos... wait, what'd you want... SHHH! Quiet back there!

Orc Army: Sorry sir

Orc 1: Punch buggy, no punch backs...

Orc 2: Damn! And OW! *Pulls out sword*

Choppy chop!

Take Out Girl: Sorry, I didn't get that last part...


Shadow: Dude... I swear...

Ok, that's 10,934 small Pepsi's, 3 Cokes, 1 Mountain Dew

Orc 234: AHHH!

Shadow: Nevermind, cancel the Mountain Dew

Orc 2: Tastes like urine anyway...

Shadow: Three buritos, seven hard shelled tacos, nine veggie salads, and ONE ORDER OF CURLY FRIES


Shadow: That's right boys...

Orcs: Oooooooooooo!

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Chapter Two: A Long Expected Rave

Flash forward 2000 years

Mastermind (Bilbo): Oh cool! Curly fries!

Xenan (Gollum): Where the hell'd I put my fries?!?

Mastermind (Bilbo): Oh cool! Curly fries!

Xenan (Gollum): Wait a minute... I'm having a thought...

Mastermind (Bilbo): Oh cool! Curly fries!

Xenan (Gollum): Dagnabbit! He's got my fries! That's like, the sxith time that's happened to me in 300 years!

Flash forward 50 years

Mastermind (Bilbo): Cool, it's my birthday! I can finally collect my pension, fake my death, and pick up my life insurance!

Elmo (Gandalf): Hee hee.... short people. You guys rock. Look! I can do this... Kick the Hobbit!

Hobbit: Don't kick the Hobbit

Elmo (Gandalf): Kick the Hobbit!

Hobbit: Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Elmo (Gandalf): Now for my finale...

Fireworks Bang! Wizzzz! Smash! Cough!

Hobbits: Oooooh! Ahhhhh!

Hobbits: Speech!!

Mastermind (Bilbo): Alright, alright... shut up... I've lived here for a long time. I've tried to tell you year after year, but you people are too dim to read between the lines. Here goes: You all suck. Screw you guys, I'm going home... *Poof*

Hobbits: Oooooh! Ahhhhh!........ Hey!

Karma (Frodo): Sweeeeeeeeet! Since Bilbo incinerated himself, does this mean I inherit his righteous bacholar pad?

Elmo (Gandalf): Yep. And guess what? Since he hates you so much, you get this too! *Holds up curly fries

Karma (Frodo): Mmmmm... Curly fries....

Elmo (Gandalf): Don't eat them. Trust me. They'll give you the squirts.

Elmo (Gandalf): Waitaminute...

Q (Sam): AHH!

Elmo (Gandalf): Who are you?!?!

Q (Sam): I'm Sam, Frodo's sexually confused best friend! I'm oddly attracted to him, but don't worry, I have a feeling I can git wit' Rose...

Elmo (Gandalf): Ugh... Ok, you're going with him now.

Karma (Frodo): Does he have to? I only pretend to like him so he'll cut my grass.

Elmo (Gandalf): Yeah, you're going. Head to the Motel 6 in Bree. The town, not the cheese.

Q (Sam): Motel 6? Really!

Karma (Frodo): Couldn't I just eat the fries?

Thanatos (Nazgul): Weeeeeee! Choppy choppy!

Hobbit: Oww! That was my head!

Elmo (Gandalf): Yeah, I'd be leaving right about now. Sauron had his order of fries swiped while he was using the little boys room 2000 years ago, and now he's pissed...

Shadow (Sauron): ARGH!

Elmo (Gandalf): ...Really pissed. He's sent his Nazgul out to get the curly's back.

Thanatos (Nazgul: CHOPPY CHOPPY!

Elmo (Gandalf): ...They like knives.

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Thanatos (Nazgul): Weeeeeee! Choppy choppy!

hahahahaha! i love my costume and steed! :D please keep going!

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Sorry, you're already penned in as someone else... :D

Frodo?  Aw man, couldn't I be someone cool? :D

I had to be true to life though! :D

This Frodo's cynical and jaded though, don't worry. :devil:

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In that case I reserve all rights on my person if ultimely I get cast as someone I don't want to be :D:devil:

in short: I reserve the right to veto :D

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