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Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Discussion (SPOILERS)

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Episode 7 watched!

Wow, wow and wow!

I am also watching the Orville and it's latest episode is also no. 7. And that was also wow, wow and wow!

It looks like both shows have hit their stride!

Even though Star Trek Discovery no longer has the optimistic feel of the old Trek, the 'drama' approach they're taking is producing some excellent episodes, and episode 7 is the highlight so far. Meanwhile Orville fills in my need for some of that good old optimistic future sci fi show, it's episode 7 was excellent, it's basically Star Trek in all but name, but less serious and with humour added in.

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Haven't seen the 7the ep yet, but I do agree with Harry Kim concerning the Orville.

This show has the old Trek feeling, tackling important cultural and social problems. 

The 7th episode is a good example of how our society functions today...

As for the humour, sometimes it's a bit childish. 

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Episode 9! This truly was a great episode!

When I saw this scene, I was like YESSSSSSS!!!! HELL YEAH!!!




So there I was making dinner and I was thinking why would Lorca cause their jump to an alternate dimension. And it suddenly hit me! Either to find a another Federation willing to help them or find more advanced technology to defeat the Klingons!

Edited by Harry Kim
additional insight!

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On 10/24/2017 at 1:40 PM, Helburn said:

I have been thinking about this theory which I came up with over my lunch break; after watching this weeks latest episode (S01E06 Lethe). 

What if our Lorca is from the Mirror Universe?
We know that he used to be in command of the USS Buran, and that ship blew up and killed everyone except Lorca. What if our Lorca crossed over from the mirror universe while on the Buran. He might have been figured out by the crew and in his escape blew up the ship and the REAL Captain Lorca to cover his secret and then assume the identity of Captain Lorca in this universe, reporting to Starfleet Command as Lorca that they were ambushed by the Klingons and all hands were lost. 
Mirror Lorca then goes on to take command the only ship in Starfleet that he knows of that could possibly take him back to his own dimension, via the Spore Drive, and he needs Burnham for some reason in this scheme as well (The "Bring her back, or don't return at all" scene). Mirror Lorca acts against what everyone would assume a Starfleet captain would act like, he's aggressive, goes against Starfleet Command often, lies to get what he wants, he guilt trips his crew by playing the dying miners over the PA in order to force them to work harder, he has an entire study dedicated to war and weapons. We also find out that he sleeps with a phaser in his bed and that he has one tucked into the small of his back (Last scene of this episode). Admiral Cornwell also noted after their night together that he seemed like an entirely different man, and when she was about to get him kicked out of his Captain seat and send him to a psych evaluation he (allegedly, Not too clear on this one) disables her phaser and then suggests for her to take over on the dangerous mission to meet with the Klingons (Which he must have deduced is a trap), then when she is captured he refuses to go rescue her. 

What are your thoughts? Does this theory hold up to closer scrutiny?

I can't believe I actually had a theory with merit! (After watching Episode 12, it's revealed that Lorca is actually from the MU!)

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