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Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Discussion (SPOILERS)

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Episode 7 watched!

Wow, wow and wow!

I am also watching the Orville and it's latest episode is also no. 7. And that was also wow, wow and wow!

It looks like both shows have hit their stride!

Even though Star Trek Discovery no longer has the optimistic feel of the old Trek, the 'drama' approach they're taking is producing some excellent episodes, and episode 7 is the highlight so far. Meanwhile Orville fills in my need for some of that good old optimistic future sci fi show, it's episode 7 was excellent, it's basically Star Trek in all but name, but less serious and with humour added in.

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Haven't seen the 7the ep yet, but I do agree with Harry Kim concerning the Orville.

This show has the old Trek feeling, tackling important cultural and social problems. 

The 7th episode is a good example of how our society functions today...

As for the humour, sometimes it's a bit childish. 

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Episode 9! This truly was a great episode!

When I saw this scene, I was like YESSSSSSS!!!! HELL YEAH!!!




So there I was making dinner and I was thinking why would Lorca cause their jump to an alternate dimension. And it suddenly hit me! Either to find a another Federation willing to help them or find more advanced technology to defeat the Klingons!

Edited by Harry Kim
additional insight!

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