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OL Chats 2003

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I was looking through some of my old files the other day and I found these old transcripts from the OL Chats we used to have on AIM. 

I found copies for October, November and part of Dec 2003, careful some of the content is a little bit cringe worthy! ( I was a lot younger then, haha) 


OL Chat - October 2003

OL Chat - November 2003

OL Chat - December 2003 (Partial)


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Thanks for sharing these. Memories, memories...

I'm not going to lie, I miss the days when the OL was bustling and AIM was all the rage. My life was so much simpler back then. Friendships were easier to maintain. It didn't seem to matter when you signed on to AIM, someone was always there to talk.

Unrelated: I can't believe one of my AIM screen names was Tickles McPhee. Yikes.

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