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I have recently become a Doctor Who fan.

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So a while back, before it was took off Netflix, I decided to binge watch Doctor Who.  I have some friends who love it, and decided to give it a shot.  All I can say is WOW.

Now, I've only watched the newest series, starting with the 9th Doctor.  I've only seen a handful of classic Doctor Who, and only Tom Baker since people tell me he is the most popular classic Doctor.

Granted, the first season is.. meh.  But after David Tennant joined it really took off.  

Tennant is my favorite Doctor, Matt Smith second, Eccleston third then Capaldi forth.  BUT, I will admit Capaldi has had some good moments.  I think by the time Capaldi got the role, Moffett was getting ready to leave and Capaldi's material just isn't as good as Smith's.  

Overall, I like the Russel T. Davies years A LOT more than Moffett's.  

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