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Dahar Master Kor

Star Trek Deaths 2016

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Last night being the end of the year, I went to Youtube to check out TCM's annual tribute to the movie celebrities who died in 2016. That led me to other celebrity tribute videos, and I came across the death of Barry Jenner. Not a name I would have recognized. Nor a face -- at least not in the picture they had of him as an old man. But on the wall behind him was a very large picture of him as Admiral Ross (DS9). Admiral Ross dead!

Of course, everyone knows when one of the really big names in Star Trek dies, but I find the deaths of the lesser-known names interesting, too (like last year, when I stumbled across the news that Grace Lee Whitney -- Janice Rand, TOS --  had died). Some of the 2016 names are lesser-known only as Trek actors -- well known otherwise -- and I had heard of their deaths but forgotten that they had had roles in Star Trek.

StarTrek.com has a list, and I assume that they covered everyone. Of note to me, aside from Barry Jenner, were:

  • Don Marshall, who played Lt. Boma in The Galileo Seven (TOS);
  • Fritz Weaver, who played Conservator Kovat in Tribunal (DS9) -- and it's only now that I see a picture of him without the make-up that I recognize him;
  • Ron Glass, most famous for his role in Barney Miller, who played Loken in Nightingale (VOY);
  • William Schallert, whom I had forgotten had played Nilz Barris in The Trouble with Tribbles (TOS);
  • Richard Libertini, who played a rival Emissary of the Prophets, Akorem Laan, in Accession (DS9).


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Not from 2016, but this reminds me that I watched For the Love of Spock while waiting in an airport recently. It's a documentary by Adam Nimoy that was started before Leonard Nimoy's death and intended to focus on the history and evolution of the character, but grew to include Leonard's career and offscreen life after his passing. It's quite good, and I recommend it.

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And of course Anton.  Although I don't sense that we're a Star Trek community that's going to be particularly nostalgic about the reboot movies.

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