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Star Trek: Discovery

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Overall, I liked it. It's not episodic like previous trek, but it was in a serial format. I like that kind of storytelling, it makes me want to come back for more, to find out what happens next. There were a couple obvious WTF moments when they play loose with Star Trek canon, but there were also a number of 'nods' and 'fan service' moments added here and there. 

One nitpick: I feel like they originally ment for the season to end on Episode 13, the arc that they were telling ties up nicely with an appropriate cliffhanger for the next season to explore. And then they went and added two more episodes to the end and quickly (And i mean quickly, literally the intro of the very next episode basically underwrites the cliffhanger they set up) tie up all the plot threads from that cliffhanger and a couple from earlier episodes. 
I feel the last two episodes were the weakest of the season personally. I think they might not have been part of Brian Fuller's original vision for the story and may have been added on after he left, and that may be why i felt like they were so dis-jointed (IMO).

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