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Dahar Master Kor

Canadian Star Trek 50th Anniversary Stamps

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This being Canada Day, I thought it appropriate to post this topic today, instead of yesterday, when I stumbled across the very large Star Trek display at the postal outlet. 50th Anniversary? Showing how out of touch with Trek I am these days, I hadn't even realized that we were approaching it. (Though, it does explain why there were not one but two unrelated Star Trek books in the small display of books at the front of the drugstore -- which, at the time, I thought was highly unusual.)

In any case, Canada Post seems to have gone all out and really done a good job. (I, uh, looked at the thread which shows the USPS 50th Anniversary stamps....)

The basic stamps include Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, the Enterprise, a D-7 Battlecruiser



and one more...




There are also lenticular stamps and posters (cool), collector booklets, coins (not well done, IMO), postcards, a blog, a Youtube channel.... Here is the main page.

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Went into the post office a few weeks ago to mail my Christmas cards, and found that Canada Post had done it again -- more Star Trek stamps! (And the Mint has brought out more coins, too. I got the one with the Borg cube for Christmas.)

The five captains with their greatest foes (interesting that Picard's is himself):


Also, the Galileo and a Borg cube:


There are also "Prestige Stamp Booklets," Limited Edition Framed Prints, Day of Issue Collector Covers, and postcards (in addition to the aforementioned coins).

Another job nicely done.

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My mom saved me a couple when she received a couple letters with them on it, they're pretty awesome! :) 

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