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The World of Tomorrow

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Has anyone else seen this short film? I'm not sure I understand it, and wanted to know if anyone had a take on it. The time travel element seemed plausible to me. 


If I understood correctly, time travel is accomplished by sending a computer signal back through time via the signal traveling faster than the speed of light. Since we are already using fiber optics, this seems plausible to me. A computer user in the future could connect to a computer user in the present via a signal traveling faster than light.

Also the idea of immortality through cloning oneself and downloading into the clone the previous incarnation's consciousness and memories is disturbing and yet also seems plausible to me. The idea of downloading your consciousness into a file where time inside moves faster than time outside seems like a horror movie concept. The letter from the consciousness to the outside world that said oh god, oh god, oh my god god god... is the stuff of nightmares. Oh, and the boy who grew up in the tube in the museum. He didn't have a brain so he presumably didn't have self awareness or a consciousness. But he was born and lived his whole life and then died in that tube as part of that art / science display. Holy, holy, holy, crap.

*Mind blown*


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A little girl answers a video phone and begins an extraordinary journey of memory and discovery guided by her own clone 227 years in the future.

This avant-garde, animated short was nominated for an Oscar and won dozens of awards at festivals across the world.

I recommend it. It's only 16 minutes long.

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