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General Star Trek Beyond Discussion (SPOILERS)

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NOTE: This thread is for any and all discussion of Star Trek Beyond involving spoilers. Go crazy with the spoilers but please do not post spoilers in any other threads about the movie. If like me you want to avoid spoilers, post in this thread.

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I can't really be the only person left on the board that has seen the film, can I? I saw it Friday night in IMAX 3D and really enjoyed it. My son said he liked Into Darkness better, but I much preferred Beyond. Lots of Easter Eggs, lots of action, but some decent character moments, too. I do wish the trailers hadn't shown the Franklin taking off from the planet's surface. Once the ship was found, it wasn't too much of a stretch to imagine that would eventually happen, but at least give it a chance.

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The reason you are so alone is that the site sign-up requirement re ridiculous. Its a fan site, not a bank! I created an account simply to reply, but nearly backed out because of the hurdles blocking my attempt. I finally got through on the fourth try.

I saw ST:B last weekend, and was as pissed afterwards as I was after the last Hobbit flick. Simon Pegg may have a half-decent story, but I couldn't tell. This cinematic dog was full of shots lasting fractions of a second, wobbly shots, poor sound editing ("What did he say?") despite the too-loud volume, bad guys that could be identified as bad guys simply by how ugly there are, and good guys etc. There is plenty more, or should I say less, to pick on, but I am trying to mind-wipe myself and refuse to recall another single frame of this baloney.

Star Trek was never about action. It was about ideas. Maybe someday we'll get a decent ST movie again, but it may have to wait until JJ Abrams (who, by the way, SUCKS) passes it on to someone better than he. Which could be anyone.


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20 hours ago, bo cephas said:

Its a fan site, not a bank!

If you'd had to deal with the number of spam accounts we have, perhaps you'd understand. Regardless, the graphic atop the default skin now reads, "LowerDecks," rather than, "The Observation Lounge," which is the name of the forum, but not of the site. My apologies for the confusion.

As for what I'm hearing you suggest would be a decent ST movie, I'm guessing you'll never get one. Star Trek, in its purest form, is a television show. The entertainment landscape has changed since The Undiscovered Country. To justify the big budget, you've got to deliver ticket sales, which requires action and special effects, which ups your budget, repeat ad nauseam. Which explains the Fast and Trek-ish-ous first trailer. The film itself did a much better job at balancing the set pieces with the character moments than I had feared. The idea of independently-moving holograms of Kirk on a motorcycle is patently ridiculous, for example, but the scene was mercifully brief, and we got some fine moments with Spock dealing with the death of, well, Spock, and Kirk discussing why he's in Starfleet with Bones. Those things were missing from Into Darkness, though I'm sure that's not a high bar to cross.

Regardless, now that we have your DNA sample, welcome to the Observation Lounge. It's seen better days, but we keep it around regardless.

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Speaking of action, I don't mind action sequences in Star Trek movies but there were too many in Star Trek Beyond and they were too over-the-top. Kirk and Chekov escaping from the crashed Enterprise as it exploded was ridiculous. Kirk's motorcycle stunt was ridiculous. Kirk & Co. chasing Krall into Starbase Yorktown was ridiculous. Kirk floating around with Krall was ridiculous. Any one of those sequences would have been enough but taken together, they overwhelmed the character moments.

I did love Jaylah. Sofia Boutella was incredible. There were also some good moments between various characters (Kirk and McCoy, Spock and McCoy) but ultimately I think the action-oriented trailer(s) were a pretty accurate reflection of the film. A lot of flash but not enough substance. It's too bad because I think Kirk having an existential crisis could have made for a good movie. Star Trek Beyond was not that movie. 

The revelation that Krall was the captain of the Franklin was too little, too late. By that point, I just didn't care about his motivation. The life-prolonging technology reminded me a little bit of Star Trek: Insurrection and not in a good way. Apparently only two other members of the Franklin's crew were turned into aliens alongside Krall. Where did he get the rest of his henchmen/henchwomen?

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Let me first say that I am happy to have another movie. Like many other ST fans, I also wish we had more in-depth story, even if it means we have to sacrifice some action and special effects. However, as we all know, the new movies are geared more toward action and newer audiences, and less toward deeper more thought provoking issues, so I guess we will have to take what we can get. Some star trek is better than no star trek.

I enjoyed the action and I enjoyed the movie, since I knew going into this what to expect. I enjoyed the action because I knew I was going to see an action movie.  I like the cast and the characters. I wish we could have seen more character development and the dealing with more contemporary social issues. But alas, I guess the younger crowds don't have the cognitive appetite or patience for drawing out anything substantive and meaningful. They just want it fast, loud, and in your face, and they want it NOW. They don't have the attention span for anything less (which is, I think, a criticism of modern day culture). 

Also, I liked that Anton Yelchin appeared a lot in the movie. Its nice when supporting cast members get some character development, and especially Chekov given the recent passing of Anton.

In any event, just because I enjoyed the movie doesn't mean I can't be critical. So here is some stuff I thought didn't made sense:

  1. How can the bad guy "camp" be so small and so sparsely staffed when later in the move we see literally thousands of them fly away in a swarm? Where were all the enemies when Kirk and Spock broke everyone out? And why do they live in a camp when there are clearly enough soldiers to support the economy and social system of entire city (families, agriculture, housing, infrastructure, etc.)?
  2. I understand that a car with a transmission can be 'jump-started' by getting it moving and then popping it into gear, but how in the heck does that work with a starship warp drive and/or impulse engine? Is there a turbine that the rush of air caused to turn so that Sulu could 'pop' it into gear? There is no air in space, and a star ship is built for space travel, so this really doesn't make sense to me.
  3. The whole flying around on a motorcycle was hard to watch. To comment on what DMD said, I can believe the independently moving holograms if they are being projected from those floating disks that we saw Jaylah deploy when she rescued Scotty from those thugs. Assuming the projector moves with the hologram, inside of the hologram, then I think it is feasible (I'm thinking of Ace Rimmer from Red Dwarf when he acquired his remote projector that allowed him to leave the ship). However, the idea of using a motorcycle successfully to take on the bad-guys in their camp is hard to believe. I mean, c'mon. Seriously?
  4. I liked the Jaylah character, but I thought the movie would have been just fine without her. She was unnecessary to the story, and I think the time could have been better spent on the TNG crew character development. Also, I personally didn't like her accent. Sometimes it was cave-man style, and other times it sounded like a British accent. I was not able to buy into her character. Although, I did think she was quite easy on the eyes and I certainly didn't mind looking at her. Plus the whole you-killed-my-father thing is sooo old. It's like, were the writers even trying?
  5. I didn't like the death of old Spock story. I don't remember seeing much character interaction between old and young Spock to be able to understand how young Spock felt. I guess young Spock was sad? He did seem very sad. But why? Did things happen off screen between films that we, the audience, are unaware of? Were they close? I suspect the writers may have thrown the death of old Spock into the film as a nod to the passing of Leonard Nimoy. Which is fine, it just didn't feel like the loss was deep (other than being reminded of the passing of Leonard Nimoy in real life).
  6. How exactly did the loud music make the enemy ships explode? I can understand that it may have jammed their signal from ship to ship so that the swarm becomes un-coordinated, but I don't understand how that made them spontaneously explode?
  7. I agree with forst, I did not like the fountain-of-youth mechanic because it also reminded me of Insurrection, especially since staying young involved sapping the life of other beings (which I believe was also present in Insurrection, but I haven't seen that movie in a long time).

That's it for now. I plan to watch it again soon, so I may have more to comment. :)

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It's been a while.. so here goes.  Just rambling thoughts about Beyond.

1. It kicks the crap out of Into Darkness.  I liked Into Darkness when it first came out, but over time the "newness" has worn off.  A lot.  I now consider it among my least favorites.  That being said, Beyond had a good mix of action, drama, comedy and "oh wow!!" moments.  It really did feel like an episode, or like a TNG season finale cliffhanger/season premiere bundled together.  

2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOOOVVEEED Starbase Yorktown.  That is one of the most beautiful areas ever conceived in Trek.  My only nitpic is maybe that would have been something seen in the 24th century, but since the current tech of Abramsverse seems to be running about 80 years ahead, I give it a pass.  The Enterprise docking sequence pretty much knocks the Star Trek III docking sequence to 2nd place.  It was so cool seeing the 1701 going under the water like that and seeing people walking by and looking at it.  It definately to me felt like something Gene Roddenberry would have visioned for future tech.  And I love McCoy's remark about it being a big snow globe waiting for someone to break it.

3. The battle sequence.  This one element of the movie bothers me.  Don't get me wrong, its a great sequence and I've always wanted to see a Federation ship take on a swarm rather than another ship or two.  But as much as I love seeing the 1701 kick ass, and get its ass kicked and survive, I do think the 1701 was stronger than it should have been given the circumstances.  And Kirk was really slow about giving the abandon ship order.  And then not to mention the saucer section basically survived an uncontrolled atmospheric reentry and landed mostly intact, and STILL had power enough to fire thrusters and flip it over to crush Kalara.  But I have to admit, that was pretty cool to see considering what she had done lol.

4. I liked Jaylah.  She was a good addition.  I wonder if she'll replace Anton Yelchin RIP :( as a bridge officer one day?  

5. Supposdly, TPTB said that the design of the USS Franklin was a coincidence in the fact that it looked so much like the NX-01?  I liked its design, but I think just using an NX model would have been better.  Plus the back story about it is a little fishy.. but it *can* be explained in canon as being built before the NX-01, and re-christined after the formation of the Federation.  

6. The one thing I can say about Krull, is at least they gave some reason why he wanted to destroy the Federaton, unlike Shinzon...

7. It is cool how they did work some Enterprise lore in such as the MACOs and Xindi.  

Overall, it was a good movie.  Wasn't perfect, but none are (Wrath of Khan is as close as you can get :P

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