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Would you watch a new Star Trek TV series no questions asked?

New Star Trek TV Series  

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  1. 1. Would you watch a new Star Trek TV series no questions asked?

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I started thinking about this randomly the other day. If a new Star Trek TV series was announced and hit the air in the next few years would I tune in just because it was new Star Trek? Would it matter when it was set, who the characters were or what it was about? If it was set in the reboot universe would that make a difference?

There was a time I would have said without a doubt that yes, I would watch a new Star Trek TV series every week regardless of the characters/plot/setting just because it was Star Trek. Now, though, after being so disappointed and/or frustrated by parts of Star Trek: Enterprise and my recent disappointment with Star Trek Into Darkness, I am not so sure.

I actually stopped watching Star Trek: Enterprise halfway through the third season because it was such a disappointment. I did start watching again when the fourth season premiered and was actually pretty sad to see it go off the air if only because it was the end of an era.

My guess is that I would still be excited just to see new Star Trek on television even if it did not look very interesting. After all, I try to sample any new sci-fi/fantasy on television as a general rule.

What about you?

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If the question is whether I'd give it a fair shot, the answer is an unequivocal "yes." I can't imagine a Paramount-approved premise/setting/timeline that would be so awful on its face that I wouldn't even give it a chance.

Now, would I continue to watch regardless of how the show turned out? No. I bailed on DS9 for a while in its early seasons and still can't bring myself to catch up on Netflix. Not that I haven't tried, mind you.

Personally, I hope Trek does find its way back to television (or at least an episodic format, whether it's on a broadcast network or online original series). It's what Trek was designed to be, and it's the one place where the stakes don't have to be so high every outing, and the pacing would allow for more thoughtful stories and deeper characterizations. I enjoyed the TOS films, First Contact and the JJ-verse films, but the new editions are a product of today's film environment. In order to justify its budget, blockbuster films have to move quickly and go boom. I can accept that and enjoy the new films for what they are, but they're popcorn films, not SF drama.

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I would definitely give it a fair shot, however I would not continue to watch unless I enjoyed the experience.

I wasted 2 hours on "Star Trek Into Darkness" I was soooo disappointed.

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