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General Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Discussion Thread

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I arrived 30 minutes early and was shocked to see a line out the door. I was waiting for friends and only got in line when it became obvious they were running very late. I managed to secure seats in the second row of actual stadium seating rather than the two or three rows on the ground. It was not ideal but not as bad was what you describe. I plan on seeing it again in a few weeks but on a regular non-IMAX screen and not in 3D.


I sat through the entire movie assuming Rey was Han and Leia's daughter and thus Kylo Ren's sister but that would have come up at some point. Didn't Han and Leia have twins in the Young Jedi Knights book series? Everything seems to be pointing towards her being Luke's daughter, which seems too obvious but who knows. When I see it again I am going to pay close attention during Rey's vision to try to hear Alec Guinness, Ewan McGregor and Frank Oz.
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