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This is where I can be found.

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For the past ooooh half a year or so I've gotten quite a bit busy. My main hub where almost everything I do can be found here


I'm posting my comic there, The Pixeled House of Fun (Formerly Icelandic Mania v.2 which went on hiatus a year and a half ago but now brought back) and doing various other things there as well.

I also, this is more recent though, have this Tumblr account http://pixel-askre.tumblr.com/ which is really a mod account for my other comic http://theponypixelcomics.tumblr.com/ Yes. I'm running two pixel comics. I've gone slightly off the bend :D

I'm also on twitter as Askre

But at anyrate, this is what I'm doing and shows no sign of stopping :D

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