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TV shows you want to watch/rewatch

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Say you had a three-week vacation, a new TV, access to anything on VHS/DVD/Blu-ray/streaming and a very understanding family and/or significant other. What sci-fi/fantasy television shows would you watch or rewatch? I finished rewatching Firefly a few weeks ago. At least for me, there are a lot of sci-fi/fantasy shows I have not seen every episode of. Some are out on DVD, some are not. Here is my list:

Earth 2 - last rewatched in 2005

Farscape - I have seen a few episodes from Season One, half of Season Two and most of Season Four

Earth: Final Conflict - I have only seen parts of Season Three, most of Season Four and a handful of other episodes

Babylon 5 - only Seasons 3 and 4, probably

Lost - just the first season

Battlestar Galactica (2003) - just the first two seasons

John Doe - I have watched this all the way through three times already; it was just as good the third time as it was the first time

Heroes - this is the sort of show I think would be even better watching on DVD

The 4400 - at least the first season/miniseries, which was the high point in my opinion

The Lost World - I bought the DVDs years ago but have not had a chance to rewatch

Jericho - Seasons Three and Four exist in comic book form only; I would like to read them but feel I should rewatch the TV seasons first

Journeyman - rewatched it once a few years ago

Surface - I was one of the biggest fans of this show but have yet to rewatch it

Xena: Warrior Princess - I have seen all but 30-35 episodes but not in order

Threshold - I have never seen the unaired episodes

The West Wing - I watched most of the Season Season when it was on the air, stopped watching, caught up on Bravo (more or less) and watched Season Seven as it unfolded

Arrested Development - definitely a show you need to watch closely to catch all the callbacks; plus, new episodes are coming

Friday Night Lights - with the exception of Season Two, this show never missed a beat

JAG - there are quite a number of episodes I never saw but for a while when this was on the air it was one of my favorite shows

Monarch of the Glen - I used to watch this on PBS, then used Netflix to catch all the episodes I still needed to see, but it was out of order viewing

My Name is Earl - the first few seasons were hilarious; the prison plot was a bust, though

Titus - an underrated gem, I think I have seen most of the episodes

ER - it would probably take more than three weeks given how many episodes there are

Veronica Mars - the first season was the best so maybe just that one.

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I'd probably spend the time watching Lost and Chuck from start to finish. I'd watch TNG and TOS again, but only on Blu-Ray. For some lighter fare, I'd catch a few episodes each of The Simpsons, Sienfeld and The Big Bang Theory. If I still had some time to burn, I'd probably rewatch the Showtime years of SG-1.

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Earth: Final Conflict and the West Wing. And possibly the Sopranos.

E:FC I can only find season 1 on DVD over here, and no one is broadcasting it despite the constant repeats of everything else.

West Wing and Sopranos are likewise only on DVD and not on air. Very strange for quality stories...

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I've had the urge to watch a lot of older shows lately, mostly from the '80s.


St. Elsewhere

Hill Street Blues

Diff'rent Strokes

The Jeffersons



The Shield



The Sopranos


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Earth2 - Haven't seen it since its original run.

Farscape - Never seen it.

Firefly - Never seen it.

Earth: Final Conflict - Never seen it.

Battlestar Galactica (old and new) - Never seen it.

Hercules - Haven't seen it in a long time.

Xena - Saw the first two or three seasons, haven't seen the last seasons.

Knight Rider


Stargate: Universe - Never gave the show much of a chance. Will try again.

Alien Nation - Watched some of it as a kid, wouldn't mind seeing it again.

The X-Files - Never got into it, wouldn't mind trying it out.

The Big Bang Theory

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Two shows that I'd like to watch again - hopefully from beginning to end - are Babylon 5 and Andromeda. It's been years since I've seen either.

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As I mention in my original list, I would love to watch seasons three and four of Babylon 5 again, the ones I remember watching on TNT in the late 1990s. I tried to watch Season One -- got 10-12 episodes in -- and just could not take it. The same thing happened with The X-Files. I just found the initial stories so boring I gave up.

Andromeda, I think, would really benefit from marathon viewing. Back when Sci Fi/Syfy used to air 6-hour blocks of shows every day, I remember watching Andromeda every now and then and getting into it far more than I did in syndication.

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I don't really get much out of re-watching TV series. I stopped buying DVDs because I never watch them. I did at one point buy Highlander the Series on DVD and enjoyed that (I had not seen it before other than a handful of episodes). I also found Batman The Animated Series enjoyable in' marathon viewing'

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Yes (Prime) Minister

A new series has been made by UK cable station Gold - new actors of course but the same writers.

Strange to hear the dialogue with different voices.

Dragged up to date with the Euro crisis.

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