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Dr_Mabuse's Favorite Webcomics

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One of the best things about The Internet is that anyone can put up their own comic for the whole world to read. One of the worst things about The Internet is that anyone can put up their own comic for the whole world to read. And trust me, there are a lot of horrible webcomics out there, but there are also plenty worth seeking out. Below you'll find a few webcomics that I'd recommend to anyone, without reservation. Hopefully you'll find at least one that interests you.

Tozo -The Public Servant

Let's start out with what may be my personal favorite: "Tozo - The Public Servant" by David O'Connell. Drawn in the so-called ligne-clair (or clear line, if you prefer that) style, this comic starts out with the main character investigating a seemingly ordinary murder. Of course this is only the beginning of a much bigger story, one that involves smugglers, religious fractions and mysterious artifacts. I'm a fan of stories that starts out comparatively small and than grows bigger in scope and stakes as they progresses, so of course, "Tozo" is right up my alley.

Lackadaisy Cats

There are a lot of funny-animal comics on the Net, but none I've read has been as good as Tracy J. Butler's "Lackadaisy Cats". If you're interested in the 1920's and the Prohibition-era, or just enjoy comics that feature great art, engaging characters and an exquisite mix of humor and drama, than you owe it to yourself to check this comic out.

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

"Dr. McNinja" by Chris Hastings is one of those comics were the sheer creativity seems to leap of the pages. Or what else would one say about a comic that features such things as: A doctor who also happens to be a ninja (or is he a ninja who also happens to be a doctor), a robot-version of Dracula, a 12-year old boy who grew a mustasche by sheer force of will, an evil unicorn turned motorbike and many other oddities. In the hands of a lesser creator, all the things mentioned above, would no doubt come of as random and wacky (in the worst way) but Hastings makes them all work.

The Order of The Stick

I'll be honest, I've never played a single game of "Dungeons & Dragons" in my life. Still, that doesn't stop me from enjoying Rich Burlew's "The Order of The Stick", so much that I actually bought one of the prequel-books; "Start of Darkness". Don't be put of by the stickfigure-art, this is a great comic with good, believable characters and great plots.

Other great comics (but I can't think of anything to say about them at the moment):

Girl Genius


Gunnerkrigg Court

I was thinking of including "The Rainbow Orchid" in here, somewhere. I actually think it's better than "Tozo", but since it's now being published by Egmont and all that's left on the comic on it's homepage is essentially a preview, I'm not sure if it counts as a webcomic these days.

PS: I wasn't sure whether to post this here or in "Miscallenous Media". If any of the moderators wants to move the thread, feel free to do that.

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Back during college and for a few years after I regularly followed a number of web comics (the one that seems to have developed the biggest following of that lot was Dirk Manning's Nightmare World; he developed such a following that Manning is actually his pen-name; even I don't remember what his real name is, and I was basically there at the beginning), but since then I just don't have the time. Our own Askre did one for a while, though, and so did Morbo, more or less for Lower Decks itself.

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I can't believe this one slipped my mind, but definitely PX!, which is not about Panda Express, but rather the best animated movie that hasn't been made yet. It's been collected into a couple of trade paperbacks already, and since Manny Trembley and Eric Anderson (hey, I'm doing what I can to make them household names) haven't actually started working on something new, aside from the work they've already done and is sitting there waiting to be loved, you can catch up pretty easily. They also did Sam Noir for Image, right at the point where they almost became famous. That's worth looking at, too.

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