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Old school PC Geeks like me used to run the old Windows application DEFRAG often to gain a little performance boost. With the explosion of the new quad core technologies, DDR3, SATA hard drives, etc sometimes this little action gets ignored.

One downside with DEFRAG is that it sometimes took hours to do. And if you had a screensaver pop up, the process would detect a "hard drive change" and start over. Sometimes would happen with SCANDISK too.

I frequent Filehippo.com a lot because they have lots of good freeware to use. One of my favorite software developers is Piriform. They've come out with a new freeware app called Defraggler. Basically it's a defrag tool that will give you some performance improvements. But their real cool app is CCleaner.

Defraggler will basically defrag your selected hard drive and organize the files so Windows doesn't have to look all over the drive for the file information. That's where your performance boost comes from. Also, if you don't like waiting for the process to complete, you can schedule dates/times for the app to do this for you. Very useful if you leave your computer on all the time and are not using it.

Give it a try click HERE

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