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Shadow Phoenix

The Grospolina Chronicles (RPG)

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These are the voyages of the starship Grospolina. Her mission, well, I don't really remember its been so long.

I was digging through my old links and I came across this short lived RPG I had. It needs an overhaul and new members to RP.



Alright, seeing how the old RPG died, I'm working on bringing her back with a new premise.

The Grospolina is a ship hailing from the future (around Temporal Cold War era in the main ST timeline, the 33rd century, IIRC). However, she's somehow flung backwards in the main ST timeline to the Enterprise era of the 22nd century. Her mission is to return home to her own time while minimizing the effects of her presence and that of other time travelers encountered along the way on the recorded course of history.

So, who wants to join in as the sim is rebuilt from the ground up?

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While its true this old RPG of mine has been around for a while, she's been sitting in mothballs for quite some time. As the old concept for the sim didn't seem to hit it off with the old group of RPers, this sci-fi sim was put on hiatus. Now, I've decided to revive the old girl and bring her out for some fun.


1.) Each RPer is currently restricted to a maximum of one character.

2.) Each character is from a different universe (be it canon, non-canon, or fanon) ripped from their home reality (be it sci-fi, fantasy, western, et cetera) and dropped onto a frontier planet (think old Hollywood style depiction of the Wild West) for the start of the sim.

3.) No 'god' class characters, tech, or whatever is allowed to be included by an RPer without group approval by Game Moderators (plural, not singular).

4.) If you are unwilling to stick with a dark, edgy sim that may touch on areas not commonly morally and ethically accepted by standard society, then this may not be a sim you want to join.

Link: http://s12.invisionfree.com/The_Grospolina_Times/

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