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Idea for a Star Trek Game

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Not sure if anyone would be interested in this or not, but its an idea I came up with. If it doesn't fly, it might just make a good topic in the Trek forum. But I wanted to see if we could make a game of it.

There are two immediate problems I see with the game before I even say what it is.

1. There are only 5 or 6 possible players, so people might be left out. Although there's certainly an opportunity for different "editions" of the game so everyone will have a chance to play eventually.

2. It will require players to be pretty good about staying active during the game itself. One person being gone for a while could run the game into the ground.

But, again, I think it could be fun. Let me explain how I'd see it working. It can definitely be tweaked or expanded in one way or another. I could run it or someone else could. Doesn't really matter to me, and the game would be completely player-driven. And while I've never seen it done, I don't visit any other Trek boards, so it might be completely unoriginal.

I'm a big fan of fantasy sports. For those of you who don't know, I can explain how it works. We'll take major league baseball as an example. You and your friends get together and you draft a team of major leaguers. You fill out a team just like in real baseball, making sure you get all the positions (pitchers, first baseman, outfielders, etc). No player can be chosen more than once, and the best players (regardless of position or actual team they play for) are taken first. You could pick a team of your favorite players or your team's players or whatever. But once your team is chosen, the players' performance (number of hits, number of home runs, etc.) add up to points. And at the end of the year, whoever has the most points wins.

I thought it might be kinda fun if we applied this concept to Star Trek. We have five main crews to work with, and I thought we could easily put together a sixth crew with miscellaneous crew members (guest characters, characters who died, etc.). Depending on how obscure we want to go, we could put together other ones...I guess it all depends on what we want to do.

So once we get the number of crews to work with, we'd need to get players. Obviously there would be a limited number of players because there's a limited number of characters to choose. So hopefully enough people would want to join, and if too many people would want to join we'd either have to expand the character list or just pick people to play.

But after we have our players and our characters, we'd make a "draft order." Someone would have the first pick, the second pick, etc. And I thought that it would be most fair if we did what's called a "snake draft." In other words, here's how the draft would go.

Pick #1 - Player A

Pick #2 - Player B

Pick #3 - Player C

Pick #4 - Player D

Pick #5 - Player E

Pick #6 - Player F

Pick #7 - Player F

Pick #8 - Player E

Pick #9 - Player D

Pick #10 - Player C

Pick #11 - Player B

Pick #12 - Player A

Pick # 13 - Player A

And so on. So the person who gets the first pick gets to pick from the whole crew of characters, but then doesn't get to pick again until the last pick of the second round (but first in the third). And the person who picks last in the first round picks first in the second round (and then last in the third). Hopefully that's not too confusing :sneaky:

But basically we'd have certain categories to fill just like positions on a baseball team. Captain, first officer, chief of engineering, security officer, doctor, etc. There would be two ways we could work this out, too.

1. Keep everyone in their assignments on their various shows. For example, Kirk can only be drafted as a captain and Riker can only be drafted as a first officer. That way, once you've chosen Kirk, Picard and Sisko are off limits to you because they're captains as well. It would make for a more organized game.

2. Everyone's available to do everything. So if you want to have Kirk as your captain and Picard as your first officer and Sisko as your doctor, you can as long as they're not taken ahead of you. It might make things more interesting because if you have a guy doing something he/she doesn't know how to do, it would hurt your crew. Because if all the doctors have been chosen, you'll end up having a security guy as your doctor, and your crew probably have trouble.

But basically we'd have each player choose a crew. And once every team has chosen a crew, we could again do one of two things.

1. Have everyone vote for which crew is the best. This would be the easiest, and if there's a huge demand to play, would allow for the game to be completed quickly so we could get more people in and out. What defines "best" would be up to the voters, but I'm guessing in terms of a battle royale with identical ships....who'd be left standing.

2. Make it much more expansive. Maybe have a bunch of different "rounds" and OLers can vote on which crew would handle each situation the best. So if one round each team is fighting the Borg, and one crew has Seven and Picard, they'd probably be expected to win. But against the Dominion, if you don't have any DS9ers, you'd be in trouble. And we'd have 10 or so events with the final one being a battle royale.

Does that sound interesting to anyone? Let me know what you think, what crew positions should be available, and if you want to be ambitious, you could put together a list of the different crews and their positions (including the misc. crew(s) if you'd like).

If there's no interest, like I said, I can just make a new post in the Trek forum or something. But I wanted to try and put together a game first :yeah:

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Aren't #1 and #2 at odds? How can you keep everyone in their original roles AND have them available to do everything?

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Aren't #1 and #2 at odds? How can you keep everyone in their original roles AND have them available to do everything?

Ha, they are at odds. That's why they're two different options :)

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