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Shadow Phoenix

Infinite Diversity In Infinite Combination (IDIC)

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I'm helping a friend find members for his forums.

Here's the link.


It's got a big RP section, but there's also general talk sections as well.

At last check, the canon/fanon RP sections are:


Babylon 5*




Earth: Final Conflict*







South Park*


Star Trek*

Star Wars

Warhammer 40,000

Warhammer Fantasy*

There's also a Spam RP section where God Modding is a way of life. He was looking for a good thread to put in there, so I got him copies of the first two posts from "JP's Bar" on the SF forums. He decided to name the thread on his IDIC forums the same thing in honor of the original.

The RP sections marked with an asterix are ones that still need Game Moderators.

Oh, and my friend there is Trinity Blood.

As for the general talk section, there's stuff for anime, manga, movies, games, and much more.

Note: He 'borrowed' The Observation Lounge's Suliban pips for his regular members. I hope that's all right. If not, I'll let him know that he needs to find some new ones.

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