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Original post by Elrond, aka The Phoenix, the site founder


Ok. Here's the link: http://www.phoenixgalacticalliance.com/pGA...hp?action=forum

This site has been around for about 16 months now and there is an RPG there called Star Trek: The Adventures of the USS Deel. It is set in 2450, at a very perilous time in human history.

We have files and image gallery sections along with the forum and the front page has been changed many times since its inception over a year ago.

Our alliances include Armada Fleet Command and we also list Kuro-RPG in our links section, as we like to get here and see what's new here as well. If you want to visit our site, you're more than free to do so. Guests cannot see the forum or files sections so it is a good idea to register if you want to see some of the stuff on there.

We've had some great times in the past, especially with the use of the pGA TeamSpeak server, where a good many of pGA's members talk about everything from modding to gaming to RPG's to real life situations. We've basically become like a large extended family in a way.

* Some information may not be up to date, more information to come. *

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