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Askre's TMNT fan fiction Domain

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Well, you probably know or not, but I have moved away from Furnation and have a abandoned for now publishing original fiction. Currently my internet publications consist of fan fictions

More to point, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan fics, and trust me there is more to those reptiles than pizza and cowabunga :o

Anyway, I am now currently here


were I give links to were my work can be found. Feel free to shout at me on my shout box :D

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man been a while since I was here last time... I think, can't currently remember when.

Well just wanted to let know that currently my only webpages I update regluary now are my fanfiction.net space at


and my forums space at Stealthy Stories


I am looking for a new webspace host, since freewebs is giving me hell :( , especially with the logging in and simply updating

Update on what I'm doing?

Well I'm a warehouse worker now, driving around on a forklift :D

plus I am still writing fan fics so far and am an Admin at Stealthy Stories.

So yeah, been busy times.


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:shame: Hey guys

Yes 'loo I've seen the new movie, I even travelled to Sweden to see it with few friends from the forum I'm an Admin at. My only complaint was, it was too short :mymy:

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Ah. :mymy: I never got around to seeing the whole thing, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I liked what I did see. :shame:

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