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Star Trek Trivia: Trivia Wolf 359

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StarTrekFans.net is having a special Star Trek trivia event. It's called Trivia Wolf 359 and it will be conducted for the entire month of June. Everyone is welcome to play.

The amount of points everyone makes during this month will be tallied. Honors will be given to the first, second and third place winners with the most points earned during the month.

Play Trivia Wolf 359 and win Star Trek DVD's!

First prize - Star Trek Fan Collective - Borg

Second Prize - Star Trek: Insurrection

Third Prize - Star Trek: Nemesis


Click Here For Overview

Prize Info

(For general rules & guidelines Click Here.)

Questions & comments can be sent to trivia@startrekfans.net

The competition will have four message board trivia weeks:

• Week 1--- Starts on Friday, June 2nd and runs through Saturday, June 10th. (Please submit answers to this week BEFORE 8:00 PM, EST, on Saturday. The sooner the better.)

• Week 2---Starts on Saturday, June 10th and runs through Saturday, June 17th. (Same as before, and from here on out.)

• Week 3--- Starts on Saturday, June 17th and runs through Saturday, June 24th.

• Week 4--- Starts on Saturday, June 24th and runs through Saturday, July 1st.

This gives everyone plenty of time to be able to participate. (We are sure you can spare a few minutes sometime every week.)

To play you will need to be a member of StarTrekFans.net. You can do so by Clicking Here. We hope you join in.

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