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Bureau Five

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Bureau Five is a covert organisation operating outside of Starfleet purview, tasked with the protection and preservation of Federation assets, and those of its allies. With an infrastructure provided by the black ops section of Starfleet Intelligence, the group was placed under my leadership.

  Working as a kite operation, once the group has been inaugurated all official ties to Starfleet, and the Federation, will be cut. Should the group be discovered, inside Federation borders or otherwise, knowledge of our existence will be disavowed by Starfleet Intel, and we will be denounced as separatists. These are the risks we take on each and every mission, but these risks also come with benefits; we are not bound by Starfleet regulations, or even Federation law. Do you think you can do what we do? Are you prepared to take the risks we take? Join us and find out.

We're a PBEM RPG just starting up and looking for new members. If you're interested, check out the site :D

Hell, if you aren't interested, check it out anyway... It's pretty!


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