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Found 1 result

  1. My Idea For New Trek Series

    My idea for a new Trek series. With the invent of slipstream and transwarp technologies, the Milky Way has become a relatively "small space." This series would take place in 33rd or 34th century. The Federation has basically accomplished it's goal of peace, and now expands through all the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, and most of the Delta and Gamma Quadrants. You still have holdouts such as The Borg, Hirogen, Species 8472 and possibly Dominion. Vast technological advances have made it possible to construct ships and Starbases with extreme efficiency and quickness. Starfleet basically can build a galaxy class sized ship in a matter of weeks rather than months or years, and a "spacedock style" Starbase in a matter of months rather than years. Also breakthroughs in android technology allows the construction of Soong type androids, and even Zimmerman type holograms to accompany all starship and Starbases. But these entities have rights just as federation citizens do. This also has opened up the possibility of even larger starship and Starbases to be constructed. Now enters the U.S.S. Federation. It's a starship so large it has its own ocean, ecosystems and carries representatives of all Federation Worlds. Its basically a mobile planet, using quantum slipstream technology. This thing is at least Death Star sized, or possibly even larger. Its mission is to explore other galaxies and seed them with the infrastructure to create satellite Federations. You could almost say it's a mobile Dyson Sphere as well. But without a star in the center, possibly use the Romulan artificial quantum singularity technology to power the thing. There would also be the equivalent of a "mobile federation council" to oversee the project. You'd still have a captain, or possibly Admiral and some senior officers to oversee the day to day operations and missions. This idea would also open up the possibility of many recurring characters since this thing is so large that could possibly have a population in the hundreds of thousands. The U.S.S. Federation would have dozens if not hundred of ships in reserve. They would also have capability to build ships if needed. They would send them out on exploration missions to neighbor star systems. Even though it would be mostly self sufficient, it would require some resource gathering. They could enter an uninhibited solar system and park in orbit around its star and send ships to the planets for resources. Another purpose for this ship would be if anything ever happened to Earth, this Federation ship could assume control of the federation and become the government. They also contact the civilizations in other galaxies and form alliances and offer Federation membership to one's who are interested. The ultimate goal of this project is to create an intergalactic network of Federations connected via hyper subspace and quantum slipstream/transwarp technologies. But the flip side is that not all civilizations agree with this, and of course there's some real nasty bad guys out there. Very old races (something on the order of Shadows/Vorlon level) could be discovered, also races such as the Kelvin Empire, and the race that created The Doomesday Machine or even a race such as the ones who created V'Ger. The possibilities are endless. And also there's an ongoing philosophical debate whether or not this is a good idea. There could be an intrigue/political element added to the show similiar to BSG and the newer scifi shows. There would be obviously Pro-Federation factions, then some like Anti-Federation expansion factions. For all its good intentions, is the federation's massive expansion on this scale a good thing? Or is it like an invasion, stripping away the individual identities of world's who join? This underlying thought was first mentioned by Eddington in Deep Space Nine.