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  1. Star Trek: Discovery

    According to tvguidelines.org, TV-MA has the following description: This program is specifically designed to be viewed by adults and therefore may be unsuitable for children under 17. This program may contain one or more of the following: crude indecent language (L), explicit sexual activity (S), or graphic violence (V). Trek shouldn't require any of those, and I'm not sure how they're going to show the premiere on CBS if it has a TV-MA rating. Maybe the broadcast version will be edited and the online version will be uncensored?
  2. Star Trek: Discovery

    I've seen that. I guess they're trying to drive up subscribers to All Access more so than hype Discovery, but it's a ****** way to plug the premiere. Also, there's this (via Trek Today): I know every new crew has to give their "we do stuff differently and you'll just have to deal with it" spiel at one time or another, but it gets old. You're on a paid, streaming service. I'm not going to automatically watch or give it a chance beyond the premiere. Don't go out of your way to piss me off.I'm not thrilled as it is.
  3. Star Trek: Discovery

    I'm fairly pleased with the look of the Starfleet tech in DSC. As Df said, it's closer to what should have been used in the Kelvin-timeline films. I really like what they've done with the communicator, merging the original look with more advanced tech. Here's a look at some of what was displayed in the DSC area at San Deigo Comicon, including Klingon armor, a couple Klingon ships, Starfleet uniforms, another look at Starfleet tech, and Harry Mudd's costume. http://io9.gizmodo.com/these-discovery-props-reveal-a-ton-about-star-treks-new-1797102750 And a few more props here, including Klingon weapons: http://trekmovie.com/2017/07/20/sdcc17-star-trek-discovery-klingon-costumes-and-props/
  4. Stargate Origins digital series announced

    Interesting that MGM seems to be making a Stargate push now, only after Devlin and Emmerich have given up on rebooting the franchise.
  5. Star Trek: Discovery

    So we got a look at DSC's idea of a communicator, hand phaser and , I think, phaser rifle. The phaser reminds me of the TOS laser pistol, images of which you can see here. Also, the explanation for redesigning the Klingons is that Klingons of different houses look different. It seems unnecessary to me to do a redesign at all, but there you go. Does it mean we'll see classic TOS, TOS film or TNG era Klingons at some point? Who knows.
  6. Jodie Whittaker is the 13th Doctor

    I don't have any real feelings about it, as I've never been a Dr. Who watcher. I'd be upset if a new Trek series cast a woman as Kirk, but I didn't really care that the 2000-era BSG cast a woman as Starbuck as it was a complete reboot, which this is not. As I understand it, since the Doctor regenerates, rather than simply being recast, there's no in-universe reason that the result of that regeneration would have to be male. That being the case, I don't really see the reason for getting all worked up.
  7. Star Trek: Discovery

    Understandable. I'll still be posting stuff as it comes out, regardless. For better or for worse. Case in point, we now have a view of the Shenzhou's transporter room: Which makes absolutely no sense. Why completely redesign the look of transporter tech? I get that this is older tech and the transporter room aboard the Discovery will look different, but we've seen much older tech and it still looks more like a traditional Trek transporter than this. At least the phasers look TOS-like.
  8. Star Trek: Discovery

    And now EW has a pic of Jason Isaacs as Captain Gabriel Lorca, along with a glimpse of the Discovery's bridge. It's not much, but enough to see that the look is a bit different than the Shinzou. No sparing the lens flares in either case, unfortunately. There's a larger pic at the EW link.
  9. Star Trek: Discovery

  10. Star Trek: Discovery

    And from this article: http://trekcore.com/blog/2017/06/producers-divulge-star-trek-discovery-delay-details/ (which itself quotes from an article on Entertainment Weekly), we have yet to really see the look of the show going forward. The bridge of the Discovery is not the bridge of the much older Shinzou. So does that mean we'll be getting the Apple Store interior for Discovery? I have no idea. But for whatever reason, TPTB have chosen not to show us what we'll be seeing past the initial episode. More at the link regarding production delays.
  11. Star Trek: Discovery

    It is, but it's probably a mix of being the only way to get the series on air before December and an attempt to get people to subscribe for more than one month of binging the series.
  12. Stargate Universe gets a comic follow up

    Yes, I have every season of SG1 on DVD in a drawer somewhere, but I haven't watched an episode in years. I didn't really have high hopes for Emmerich and Devlin's reboot of the franchise, but at least it would have been something. Even that's fallen by the wayside. I suspect MGM will eventually do something with it, but who knows when.
  13. Anyone getting logged in as someone else?

    Progress, maybe?
  14. Anyone else remember Stargate Universe? I do, but barely. It was quite different in tone than SG1 and SGA, and it only got two seasons before being canceled. That S2 finale ended with a cliffhanger which will finally get resolved, after a fashion, with a comic series from publisher, American Mythology. The original series writers aren't "heavily involved," so I doubt this is what we would have gotten with an actual S3, but who knows? https://www.gateworld.net/news/2017/06/stargate-comics-return-sgu-launching-this-month/ The same publisher also has an ongoing Stargate: Atlantis series, if you're interested in what Sheppard & Co. are up to. Now that I think about it, didn't that end with them landing the station on Earth? Where do you go from there? I guess I'd have to read to find out.
  15. Anyone getting logged in as someone else?

    And then I got served a version of a thread that was meant for a site visitor, but the rest of the board loaded correctly for me today. Methinks we won't be staying with Bluehost once our year is up.