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  1. Well Episode 5 now. So the plot moves forward and we get more focus on other characters other then Burnham. I can't believe Starfleet would just let Lorca travel on his own unprotected in a shuttle?! And when he left Mudd behind, it didn't feel right to me. Afterwards I justified it as that Lorca was thinking, Mudd couldn't be trusted. For all we know Mudd feels the Federation will lose this war so might as well make nice early with your new masters. Mudd could have sabotaged their escape. Tyler... at first I felt he was kosher. Then realised maybe their escape was a little convenient. He maybe a spy. Wouldn't Lorca who has studied the art of war, be at least be wary of such a thing. Or maybe he does suspect and will feed Tyler misinformation. Or I am thinking in circles. Without more Tardigrades, how is Starfleet gonna make this work? If they get more of them, then they risk killing them. Of course it's either the Federation or the Tardigrades. What if the Tardigrades are sentient and can communicate? That would really put the Federation into a dilemma, cos it's enslaving another species. But at the moment they can conveniently treat them as animals. Surely using the DNA transfer technique means the problem is solved. As far as we can tell, it's having to stab those things into people that hurts them? Or is it also a brain depletion issue too? But saying that, I rather risk death like this, then losing the war and been tortured by Klingons. And I think people would volunteer in this way to help decisively end the war. Which should mean Starfleet is guaranteed to win. So Lorca destroyed his own ship to 'save' his crew. It still doesn't explain how he became this person who would do such a thing in the first place. So there's obviously more backstory how he become this hardened person in the first place. Just like with Burnham the Klingon killing her parents is one factor she's gung-ho against them. So what is Lorca's story? The Discovery jumping is still a very cool effect. And the tardigrade jumping also looks cool! The end scene was creepy to say the least. EDIT: There are some serious plotholes in Episode 2. So the Klingons don't bother helping their stranded brethen for 6 months?! And using the stealth technology on all their ships? Starfleet doesn't come back to capture this stranded Klingon ship and get the stealth tech themselves? The Shenzhou is left abandoned, no attempt to destroy vital Starfleet technology? I can see why some fans are disappointed.
  2. Right, Episode 3 watched! I am puzzled why Burnham is considered the person, who started the war with the Klingons. The Klingons were spoiling for war anyway, even if the Shenzhou hadn't come onto the scene. But I suppose it's easier for the Federation to blame someone for starting a war, then to acknowledge there are species out there who don't want to join their literal congregation. Shades of Michael Eddington. I am not sure that Section 31s involvement is necessary to explain the Discovery. They are at war, aren't they? Plus a secret organisation that isn't meant to exist, cannot show itself out in the open. I think Star Trek Discovery is just called Star Trek in order to use that established 'universe' to tell the story the writers want. Which is just to create a good drama show with conflict and interesting character relationships. It definitely isn't our vanilla trek. But I think I can live with this. The characters all have distinct personalities and their interactions are interesting. In fact, I dare say, this series is similar to Babylon 5! I read this article with Jason Isaacs, that reveals more: https://trekmovie.com/2017/10/02/jason-isaacs-explains-lorcas-study-and-whats-up-with-landry-from-star-trek-discovery-ep-3/ In it, he says the Federation is losing the war. Hence why Lorca has been giving such scope to do what it takes to win. I was thinking that the Federation doesn't really need special weapons like the ones Discovery is developing, but could win the war using better conventional weapons. But I suppose the writers want the Federation up aganst the war to be able to tell the story they want full of conflict. Also the Federation been peaceful, it would be difficult politically and socially to change the majority of Starfleet into virtually a battlefleet. Hence if just using a 'secret weapon' can end the war cleanly and quickly, they rather do that. Jason Isaacs also says this: I think in this tradition of Star Trek captains and these alpha males who rise to the top, he’s got a taste for the good life and he’s got an eye for his female officers. I don’t know that that’s going to work with Burnham very well, frankly. She doesn’t look like she’s up for that kind of thing, but him and Landry certainly have a relationship that goes beyond, I would think, work. But that’s how I played my scenes with all the women on board, whether or not the writers were on board with that. By the way, that’s my tribute to Shatner. I always thought, as much as the original series was born out of the civil rights struggle and the birth of feminism, some of that was [infused with a feeling of] James Bond. It was clear Captain Kirk had his way with any member of the micro-skirted crew members he wanted, so that was my subtle tribute to him. I’m playing that, even if it’s inside my head. (Laughs.) I suppose this is partially, his take on it and also what the original series protrayed. TOS was influenced by the sexual liberation and free love ideals during the 60s. But I can't really believe Captain Kirk would go around bedding any female member of the crew he wanted. Kirk struck me as a person who was professional and respected women, both as colleagues and romantic partners. But I cannot believe he was a lech! But saying that, when people spend years on a starship, they have needs and will establish friendships and relationships. Although for the Discovery storyline, I think they want to put in some sexy stuff like in Enterprise to ramp up the drama and increase viewing figures. EDIT: Also, I do wonder if Lorca's fortune cookies actually have messages inside them?!
  3. I thought I'd post some quick and initial thoughts about Discovery, after seeing the first, two episodes. I am not a stickler for strictly sticking to canon or anything like that. We've had five Star Trek series to date and to keep things fresh, they have to come at it from a different angle. But saying all that, boy, Discovery really is a different kind of beast! 1) Space is beautiful! - love the scene where Burnham is outside with the planetary system backdrop and the star. 2) Computer AI is flexible - so many times we've seem unthinking rigid computers on starships. But this computer has ethnical protocols, but can be reasoned with and also flexible actions when necessary. 3) DNA repair medical technology - with the advances we're making in real life, it'll be hard to believe the Federation of the future doesn't have this kind of tech 4) All Klingon speaking scenes - I wasn't put off by this. Although why they didn't use the Klingon usually spoken on previous shows is beyond me. This new Klingon speech sounds grating to the ear. By using all Klingon it does give the sense this is a alien culture. 5) Mutiny is bad - This was just bad. As bad as neo-Kirk promoted from cadet to captain. 6) Captain Philippa Georgiou good! - She represents the spirit of Star Trek. When she was killed, I felt the writers were saying, yep, we don't believe in the spirit of Star Trek anymore. Her "Battle is blood and screams and funerals", shows why the Federation chooses path of peace and mutually helping everyone who wants it, because war means suffering and pain and should be avoided if possible. 7) Both Georgiou and Burnham are 'right and wrong' about the situation. Burnham's analysis of the Klingon's is spot on and how they want war. Georgiou is correct that the Federation unfortunately cannot fire first to preserve their reputation. I expected both characters to recognise, a compromise solution. Let the Klingon's get the first shot, then counterattack quickly afterwards. 8) Good protrayal of relationship between Georgiou and Burnham. You get the feeling there's real history and bond between the two characters. 9) Going to capture the Klingon leader. They should have co ordinated with the other ships and sent more people.
  4. Merry Christmas 2016!

    Merry Christmas everyone! And a Happy New Year as well! Was looking for a christmas thread, but accidently posted in one made 5 years ago.
  5. ATTN: TNG Gurus

    Unfortunately it's never been said whos cloaking devices are more superior. Sorry!
  6. Time lists 50 'coolest websites'

    This one. This one.
  7. Now if they launched all those at once, the war would have been over instantly...
  8. 2001 Things That Bug Us

    And mistakenly too because, Naturalists are people who study natural history. Of course you could be a naturalist naturist, by studying natural history naked.
  9. 2001 Things That Bug Us

    What do they call those people? Naturists?
  10. Exploding laptops

    Then why do they call them laptops?
  11. Exploding laptops

    I just watched the news which reports that in some cases the battery can explode. One of the pictures showed a laptop mid-explosion. Don't Dell know that killing customers is bad for business?
  12. 2001 Things That Bug Us

    2056. Being put on hold.
  13. Ambassadors Returns

    Like when people don't vote? Well this is my first time looking at this thread, but i don't think i'd be interested. I prefer to sit back and watch instead. IIRC Ambassadors was a game where you would play a character from a galactic power and engage in 'debates'. Great Will will probably explain it better.
  14. Deep Space Nine commentary

    But that 'yelling in a ridiculous halting manner' was explained by other characters that Sisko had a temper.
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    Not trek related, but you gotta love the ones at despair.com http://www.despair.com/viewall.html