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  1. 15 (!) years later...

  2. Lose weight with Doctor Who!

    Hey Strangers! I thought i'd pop back in and say Hi! Hi! Also I thought i'd share a blog i'm working on. This year I resolved to drop a little bit of weight and get myself back into shape. Separately I'd also resolved to sit down and watch every episode of Doctor Who in order. Then I thought... why not do both? Then I thought... why not blog it? So i'll be watching and reviewing every episode of this classic show, starting with the 1963 William Hartnell years. And for every episode I watch i'll be exercising and keeping track of calories burned. I'm already a couple of serials in. Check it out!. http://tardis.mesonstudios.com/ P.S. This is a subdomain off of my photography website, so check out mesonstudios.com actual as well
  3. Members Photography

    First photo shoot of the new decade.
  4. Members Photography

    From a shoot i helped a film student on. got to use some of my lighting equip
  5. Members Photography

    whole set: http://www.flickr.com/photos/captaintim/se...57617629330278/
  6. Members Photography

    me now days NYC from plane:
  7. Members Photography

    thanks! I'm in the Canon camp because i know enough people with Canons that it made sense. I can trade or borrow equipment. I shoot with the XSI, but the rebel XS is just one step below that and you can get it for 500-600 dollars. If you can drum up around 900 dollars the Canon T1i that was just announced is a pretty badass camera for a completely reasonable price. http://www.geek.com/articles/gadgets/canon...specd-20090325/
  8. Members Photography

    From a shoot over the weekend. My friend Dottie teaches a burlesque class. I'm getting paid to do this. I love photography
  9. Members Photography

    Thanks! I picked up lens recently with an aperture of 1.4, it makes shooting in low light easier and gives me the nice blurred backgrounds. Mel is indeed wearing tape around her wrists. Its not visible in this shot but her wife beater is splattered with faux blood as well. She always has good outfits.
  10. Members Photography

    Thanks Morbo. I knew i was on top of that one. anyways. snapped this one during some after work drinkin. now time for bed.
  11. Happy Birthday BoynamedSue

    Oh man. thanks guys. Sorry i don't pop in here very often any more. Mostly i've been practicing my photography. I still write, but i write less than i used to. I got out of the habit when in late 2007 i realized i'd let myself get up to 220 pounds. So i put a lot of effort and free time into getting back down to 175. I work out less now, and i've been planning to write more, i'm just waiting for inspiration to strike.
  12. Members Photography

    A flash cable is pretty simple. its just a cable that attaches to your hot shoe (where you could connect an external flash on the top of your camera) and then you run that cable to your flash. So instead of having the flash hitting people dead on from your camera, you can light them from other directions. In that pic the flash is sitting on top of the pay phone they are talking on (same payphone) with a diffuser to soften the light a bit. If i had taken the same picture with the flash on the camera, the whole scene would be lit and you wouldn't get the dramatic shadows on their faces. "Dia De Los Muertos." i think is still my favorite picture so far. Nothing fancy about that one. snapped it at the right place at the right time just as the sun was going down behind me. we'd dressed up and went to the cemetery in oakland for a day of the dead picnic.
  13. Members Photography

    for more of my photography visit my blog pic.fncker.com its mostly just the cream of the crop from my flickr
  14. Members Photography

    If anyones interested in what i've been up to as of late, my photostream on flickr should give you some idea. My general stream: http://flickr.com/photos/captaintim/ Pictures grouped in sets: http://flickr.com/photos/captaintim/sets/
  15. Cylon Apartment

    This is just a little photoseries on Flickr that i've been adding to. There's only 6 "episodes" up. but i plan to add a new one every few days or so. Plus you OL people haven't seen me in a while. Of course i probably look the same As I did 4 years ago. I did do some changing and reverting in that time. I stepped on the scale one day and saw that i'd made it up to over 220 pounds. It happened totally without noticing. I'd always thought even 200 pounds would be more than i'd ever weigh. So i outlined a slow and steady lifestyle change of diet and activity, and over 7 months have lost about 40 pounds. I hope to hit 180 by the end of the month. Anyways heres me, and a few more of me, in Cylon Apartment: http://www.flickr.com/photos/captaintim/se...57605654453480/