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  1. Wasn't it said that the final five Cylons could lead humans to Earth because they had already been there? What would five Cylons be doing on a planet (presumably) filled with humans...? Hmm, KILLING THEM maybe...? And then they just forgot about it on their way home and started think - "We're humans."
  2. I also have a problem with Lady-T. None of my problems are with the actress, or even the character itself. It's the way she is being written. Okay, so in the pilot she was able to blend with high schoolers enough to successfully pass as one of them. NOW... all of a sudden she is robot-girl who doesn't understand anything. Also, the writers are/were being a bit juvenile... EVERY Terminator know the first order of business; "I need your CLOTHES... your boots... and your motorcycle." But for some reason this Lady Terminator can't remember to keep her clothes on. C'mon guys, grow up!!!!!!!!! (or at least make it make more sense.) Hmm, why do I get the feeling that they are headed in the direction that Dyson's son is going to turn out to be some sort of child genius with a photographic memory who recalls all his dad's work and he is the one secretly working with the gov't to complete his dad's work. (yeah, I know that's a runon sentence ) OH, NO...! A cyborg writer from the future just showed up and said he's here to kill me -- However, he is currently on strike, so he is just marching outside my room holding a sign.
  3. Okay, if they continue to "de-claw" Sarah like this I won't be around much longer. This Sarah is just too wimpy. Give her her teeth back -- AND gte rid of the actress playing her. Linda Hamilton should be free; GET HER TO DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Bionic Woman (SPOILERS)

    I hated everything about the show -- which is ashame because I was REALLY looking forward to it from all of the hype. Why is it shows like this seem to make the "newbie" the one that sets the ground rules instead of the "supposed" professionals? Why is the "hero" always a self-absorbed, ungrateful little so-and-so that needs to be thankful that someone decided to save your rear? Why is the one who saves the "hero" ALWAYS going against some rule, regulation, or order? What do I think . . . ? Let these writers stay on strike!!! I've already seen this show 50 million times before.
  5. Actually, I think it is "Skynet-like" to give the Terminators different faces. The rebels had to use dogs to detect them. If they all had the same face, all the resistance would have to do is look for Arnold's face. IIRC, didn't they show in one of the movies (been a whiles since I have seen them) a flashback/"forward" of a couple of Terminators that made it all the way into camp; the dogs begin to bark at them, and they have a brief shootout...? I seem to remember that; probably from the first one -- where Reese is telling Sarah about use of dogs...?
  6. Here is my beef!!!! Why does this Terminator have SUCH BAD AIM??? No way Arnold's T would have missed him so many times at the school; even with Lady-T there. AND why hasn't Sarah or John asked why they keep sending T-100 models instead of T-1000s. Why the downgrade all of a sudden? Perhaps all T-1000 manufacturing has been outsourced.
  7. 3x17 - "Maelstrom"

    Can't say I'm disappointed she's "gone,"... even though I was tired of the character, I thought it was a pretty lame way to go. Even Kat died because of saving lives; Starbuck should have had no less. ...until we find out that she's a cylon. C'mon, do any of you REALLY think she's gone for good. What about the great "purpose" she's supposed to have? Was death supposed to be that purpose? I could be wrong; but I think not.
  8. VGR - "Prime Factors" Discussion

    I enjoyed this one... showing that when the prime directive is on the other foot how some would react. They are still showing eps from seasons when I still appreciated Voyager.
  9. » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... « TJ I think your guess is correct... they are going to turn this into a series. This was just to draw us in. They left too many unanswered questions. SciFi did the same thing with their "PainKiller Jane" movie, and now I see it will be a regular series come April.So the way they ended this leads me to the same conclusion; this will become a series. I'll watch, I liked it. HEY!!!? Why didn't it hide my spoiler? I guess it's not so bad what I wrote since I didn't talk specifically about the show itself. But still... the "spoiler" failed. Do I need an "object" to make it work?
  10. BSG & Pelvic Thrusts

    There was Boomer and Helo back on Caprica. By the way, was it ever explained why the Cylon's back lights up red during ... ?
  11. 3x08 - "Hero"

    I guess Bulldog's stealth ship wasn't "stealthy" enough. How else could the Cylons have detected him...? Oh, yeah; could it be ALL THAT CHATTER!!!!! Hello... have you guys ever heard of RADIO SILENCE?!
  12. I thought the purpose WAS to make us think they were illegally doing this. And then when Starbuck say, "This isn't legal..." and they are like "Sure it is... BAM! Check it out, Presidential approval!" I think our reaction was supposed to be, "WHAT?!" Just my take. Works for me but, of course, I didn't know about any deleted scenes until just now.
  13. Gaeta / Jammer

    Gaeta is not guilty. He did what he could. He provided valuable information; if he had quit his job for Baltar there would have been no one to feed the info. He may have done some things that others may call questionable, but he had to make it look like he was going along with things to keep his job so that he could keep the information flowing. NOT GULITY. Jammer is guilty! He was in a tough situation -- in over his head before he knew. However, once he killed the other humans; me, women, and children... He should have either quit and worked for the humans or better yet did like Gaeta and start feeding the resistance information. But he didn't, he kept on working for the Cylons. Sure, he had hurts feelings over what he did. Sure, he let Kally (sp) go; but sorry, that wasn't enough. Sorry... the verdict stands. GUILTY! -- unless there is further argument from the defense.
  14. Smallville Season 6

    I disagree with you Quinn. I think Clark's ability to fly is like his lung capacity in this pass episode. He really had no reason to know he had that ability until he started sneezing and Chloe told him to try it. I think his flying is just like that -- he's had no reason to fly because he can run really fast, and because he's afraid of heights he's not likely to attempt flying or even think that as one of his abilities until he can overcome that fear first. The only example I can point to of Clark flying is when he wasn't really Clark, when he broke into Lex's jet in mid-flight and took a crystal. To me, imho, that was saying that flying is just a mindset for him... either you KNOW you can do it, or there is a fear there preventing you from doing it. That's not to say I don't think Clark will have to learn the proper way to do it. I think he will have to learn to master it. I just also think that the ability is already there. One thing about the the lung capacity episode; when he and Chloe were in the dude's place... shouldn't Chloe had began to suffocate? It appeared that Clark had sucked all of the air out of the room...?
  15. Are We All Just Getting Older?

    Hmm, hey [ace] that's an interesting syndrome... did you get that from a book or movie somewhere?