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  1. First movie - OK. Loved this one.
  2. Death to trolls.
  3. Fascinating stuff. I got choked up when the rescues began. Hope everyone makes it out with no problems.
  4. I hit ten years in May of this year. I remember all of the old-timers, including a very young Askre!
  5. Wow congrats! That means I've been here for 10 years too. Doesn't seem that long ago, does it?
  6. Hmpf! Posted and was unnoticed. Ingrates!
  7. I joined right around April 1, 2000, same time as I joined TrekBBS and TrekWeb.
  8. *waves*
  9. Seems to me that this is long overdue. Only thing is, if Scotland does it, N. Ireland and Ireland will start fighting again.
  10. I've been here quite a while, since 2000. I think after so long, I'm talked out. My posting rate all over the 'net has dropped. I lurk more. Most places I stay, it's not for the original reasons, like Star Trek. It's for the people. But I'm more content to read now and so don't post much.
  11. I LOVE the new skin. Very classic.
  12. Guess who is sitting through Rita now. :/ I've lived here since 1981. In the first 21 years, we had ONE hurricane. In the last thirteen MONTHS, we've had FOUR hurricanes.
  13. Glad you're OK, DF. What a season.
  14. Has DF resurfaced? Looks like he was in one of the bad places to be, since the storm shifted east.