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  1. Star Trek Into Darkness Reviews (SPOILERS)

    First movie - OK. Loved this one.
  2. So that was fun.

    Death to trolls.
  3. Rescue of Chilean miners about to begin

    Fascinating stuff. I got choked up when the rescues began. Hope everyone makes it out with no problems.
  4. 10 Years

    I hit ten years in May of this year. I remember all of the old-timers, including a very young Askre!
  5. 10 Years

    Wow congrats! That means I've been here for 10 years too. Doesn't seem that long ago, does it?
  6. The Official Welcome Back Thread

    Hmpf! Posted and was unnoticed. Ingrates!
  7. Hello...

    I joined right around April 1, 2000, same time as I joined TrekBBS and TrekWeb.
  8. Hello...

  9. Scottish Independence

    Seems to me that this is long overdue. Only thing is, if Scotland does it, N. Ireland and Ireland will start fighting again.
  10. Are We All Just Getting Older?

    I've been here quite a while, since 2000. I think after so long, I'm talked out. My posting rate all over the 'net has dropped. I lurk more. Most places I stay, it's not for the original reasons, like Star Trek. It's for the people. But I'm more content to read now and so don't post much.
  11. I LOVE the new skin. Very classic.
  12. 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Season - Predictions

    Guess who is sitting through Rita now. :/ I've lived here since 1981. In the first 21 years, we had ONE hurricane. In the last thirteen MONTHS, we've had FOUR hurricanes.
  13. 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Season - Predictions

    Glad you're OK, DF. What a season.
  14. 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Season - Predictions

    Has DF resurfaced? Looks like he was in one of the bad places to be, since the storm shifted east.