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  1. TOS, followed by NG. I tried the other manifestations, but they are all too soap-opera-y. I might catch them again in syndication, just because getting the exposure is easier that way as I don't have to commit to setting a recording or making sure I'm in front of the tube at a certain time. The remastering is great, It's unobtrusive, it adds to the experience without a single detraction, and it gives me a semi-legitimate reason to see TOS again.
  2. General Star Trek Beyond Discussion (NO SPOILERS)

    A forum of two. Wow. If anyone else sees this and is considering seeing Star Trek Beyond, your decision should be made based on how you feel about about action movies. The only "Star Trek" to be found in STB are the obvious visual elements, character, setting, etc. But JJ Abrams has abandoned the true heart of Star Trek: issues and ideas.
  3. General Star Trek Beyond Discussion (SPOILERS)

    The reason you are so alone is that the site sign-up requirement re ridiculous. Its a fan site, not a bank! I created an account simply to reply, but nearly backed out because of the hurdles blocking my attempt. I finally got through on the fourth try. I saw ST:B last weekend, and was as pissed afterwards as I was after the last Hobbit flick. Simon Pegg may have a half-decent story, but I couldn't tell. This cinematic dog was full of shots lasting fractions of a second, wobbly shots, poor sound editing ("What did he say?") despite the too-loud volume, bad guys that could be identified as bad guys simply by how ugly there are, and good guys etc. There is plenty more, or should I say less, to pick on, but I am trying to mind-wipe myself and refuse to recall another single frame of this baloney. Star Trek was never about action. It was about ideas. Maybe someday we'll get a decent ST movie again, but it may have to wait until JJ Abrams (who, by the way, SUCKS) passes it on to someone better than he. Which could be anyone.