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  1. I thought it was good, not great, but I need to see it again to fully analyze and digest it.
  2. Review the Last Movie You Saw

    Earth to Echo. I liked it better the first time I saw it... when it was called E.T.
  3. Star Trek Stamps 50th Anniversary

    My first impression was that the art style was a sort of late 80's early 90's 'Saved by the Bell', but then upon closer inspection I think it is more of a mid-century modern style but with a little more 2016 hipster in it. Its not my favorite, but I think its OK considering that it appears to me that it was meant to celebrate TOS rather than any of the other series, and since TOS came out mid-century, I suppose it is fitting. I think I will get some even though I don't normally collect commemorative stamps.
  4. Hi, this is [ace] - I made a second account so that I could get in contact with someone from the OL. My [ace] account is broken. I changed the theme to the other two choices (both of which are broken), and one of the two did not have a button to change the theme back to the default theme. In other words, I was trapped in a broken theme. The worst part is that the theme my account is current stuck in does not have a text box to type the body of a message or post. So I was not able to even IM any of the administrators because my message did not have any text in the body (because the field to type in was not there). Anyway, can someone help fix this? I would prefer to go back to my other account if that is possible. And to everyone else, I recommend that you do not change your theme.