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  1. Has it ever been stated why Q was so afraid of Guinan?

    Answer... Q is racist. Occam's Razor.
  2. Star Trek: TNG "The Pegasus" speculation

    I'd love to chime in but would need a crash course on Section 31. I will rewatch "The Pegasus" too. BTW, I love the episode "The Next Phase" and just watched it recently. Data's reaction at the funeral celebration in 10F was hilarious!
  3. New Star Trek TV series coming in 2017

    $5.99 per month? Seems like CBS is trying to bait in subscribers from Netflix/Amazon/Hulu and using Trek as a means to take a piece of that pie. That's quite the gamble. It takes me about half a season on average to really get "into" most shows (with the exception of a few like Voyager, Walking Dead and Break Bad. I also like to have at least 1 complete season of any show at my disposal via streaming particularly b/c binge watching is the new norm for my household. Also, ad-free streaming or the ability to skip ads ala' YouTube is also the standard. That said, I am unsure how/why I am expected to pay $5.99 per month to watch 1 episode per week of the new Trek complete with ads. That and how will I stream it to my big screen? Is the CBS All Access app compatible with Chromecast, FireTV, Apple TV? Unless the new series is 'that' good...you can count me out for the time being.
  4. Shatner in new NBC series

    This actually sounds like an interesting premise. Bunch of ol' guys flopping around a foreign country like fish outta water trying to check off the bucket list. Defintely good for some lolz but my gosh, me thinks the "politicall incorrect" moments are gonna be a dime a dozen from the ol' Capt, ya think? Count me in for a view or two. I hope it hits Netflix too.
  5. Star Trek Family Car Decals

    I luv it! The ThinkGeek decals are all from TOS. I wonder if they have TNG, VOY and DS9? I'd probably get carried away, buy all generations, and create a whole Star Trek "scene" on my rear window. hehe. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Q: With a Snap of a Finger...

    ...could have sent Voyager home in a instant. In fact, he did take them back to Earth but for only a moment in Season 3 episode 11 (3x11) "The Q and the Grey" if I recall correctly. I am sure this question has been asked a million times. And yes, I missed the discussion but I am sure this won't be the last time it's asked... Why didn't Q send Voyager home with just a snap of his fingers? The obvious answer is that we wouldn't have a show if he did it the easy way. That aside...(and save for any spoilers) Were you too curious why Q didn't throw Voyager a bone? Maybe even boost them a few thousand light years like Kes did? Why didn't Janeway ask him flat out for a favor given the ruckus he caused her? Just pondering the idea and was curious if any of you had the same thoughts (?) Of course, I like the idea that Q, aside from his antics, hasn't interferred with the fate of Voyager. Perhaps I just answered my own question? Nevertheless, I want to know what you all think...
  7. Voyager: Message in a Bottle

    You know, it's 2015 and I just discovered Voyager (outside of TOS and TNG) and I have been in bliss. Star Trek is so timeless. I feel like Voyager could have been filmed yesterday let alone 20 years ago! I love how my children and all future generations could enjoy Star Trek like we have. Anyhow... I just watched "Message in a Bottle" and all I can say is "Wow!" what an episode! I went through a roller coaster of emotions on this one given the prospect of the crew making contact back home to their loved ones to the hilariously neurotic Doctors trying to take back the USS Prometheus. The Doctor and Andy Dick had wonderfully comedic chemistry. I was so suprised at Andy Dick's neurotic and whimsical performance. The Doctor was brilliant as always. This episode had it all: Romulans, a top-secret Starfleet ship, multi-vector assault mode(!!!), two unhinged EMH's, hostile aliens getting hacked and shocked by a borg, and the long-awaited letters from home...I mean, wow, all the ingredients for one heckuva a show. I am curious as to what your guys' thoughts were on this episode? Were you like me and experienced the full range of emotions on this one? During the show I was at times wide-eyed, perplexed, anxious, laughing out load, angry...it was all there. I can't be the only one
  8. Hi! I am new to the forum. Just started watching Voyager

    Thanks for the welcome! No worries on amount of people coming through. Just one or two trek geeks to post with is just fine. I don't need a "galaxy class" forum when your "intrepid class" will do just fine (see what I did there?). hehe. I'll be passing through frequently. Count on it
  9. What's the deal with Starfleet Admirals?

    Starfleet Admiral is where bad Captain's go to die. lol. The Good Captain's go down with their ship!
  10. Hello Everyone! I am new and I just wanted to drop in and say "hi" to all on these forums. I am a big TNG fan mostly but just started watching Voyager the past few weeks and finding a whole new "love" of Star Trek. I was away at college during Voyager's original run on television. Since "cable tv" was a passable "luxury" for a starving student (sorry, no Netflix in the 90's), I never really had the opportunity to watch and see how wonderful Voyager was. I've never seen Enterprise past the first episode and still have yet watch Deep Space Nine too! Since college, all of my Star Trek viewing was limited to TNG whenever/wherever I could find it. I am so happy to have taken a leap and see what Voyager was all about. What-a-show!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am halfway through the Voyager adventure and into a bit of season 4 where Seven of Nine has just joined the crew (RIP Kes). I am enjoying the show incredibly and it has come along at just the right time in my life. I've been binge watching a few episodes per day so it's so hard to pick out a particular favorite since the storylines run altogether for me. A recent favorite was "Insurrection" where the popular holo-novel depicting a "Maquis Mutiny" became popular among the crew members. The whole episode was a roller coaster ride! From the beginning where you're thinking, "This has got to be a holo deck program or an alternate parallel universe! There's no way Chakotay would overthrow Janeway!" to the climactic ending with a virtual Seska going on a rampage. This is just one of many mind-bending episodes so trademark with the Star Trek universe and yet one of the many reasons why I love to watch. Anyhow, I would love to talk Voyager if anyone wants to talk Voyager (no spoilers please!). I would also like to talk about TNG and of course open to pretty much any Star Trek related discourse. Anyhow, thanks for the welcome and I look forward to getting to know you all!