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  1. Happy Birthday, Df

    Hope you're having a great day.
  2. New Star Trek TV series coming in 2017

    I am cautiously optimistic about this new Trek. I agree with DMD in that it seems to be doomed before it ever gets off the ground and I will not pay $6 per month to watch one show. It seems to me that after DS9, the Trek shows went downhill quickly. Voyager, at least to me, was just okay and I hated Enterprise. We shall see.
  3. Bruce Hyde dead at 74

    http://metv.com/stories/bruce-hyde-original-lieutenant-of-star-treks-enterprise-and-scientist-dies-at-74 I don't remember Lt. Kevin Riley in "The Naked Time," but I do remember him in "The Conscience of a King." RIP.
  4. This years' Hallmark Trek ornament? Spock's death.

    I thought I was the only one to think this was an odd choice for a Christmas ornament.
  5. Happy New Year!

    I notice everything.
  6. Q: With a Snap of a Finger...

    I was hungry and we all know I can eat whatever I want.
  7. Q: With a Snap of a Finger...

    Q always thought he was teaching humans the lessons he wanted them to learn.(remember TNG and the Borg?) I think if he were to have sent Voyager home, he they wouldn't have learned anything and Q couldn't have that.
  8. Star Trek Family Car Decals

    Exactly. Forst, start making them.
  9. Happy New Year!

    Kinda late there, Ace.
  10. Star Trek Family Car Decals

    Those are awesome. I would love to have some of decals of the ships and DS9.
  11. Harve Bennett, 1930-2015

  12. Leonard Nimoy, 1931-2015

    I...there is nothing I can say that everyone else is not already thinking. I am gutted by this and although I usually don't really care when a celebrity passes, I cried when I heard about Nimoy's passing. RIP.
  13. Trek-inspired credit sequence on The Simpsons

    That was awesome.
  14. Game of Thrones general discussion

    I just realized I let loose with a spoiler. Oops. Sorry.
  15. Game of Thrones general discussion

    No way. Juilian on GoT??? Yay! I have all the books but haven't read them yet. I guess I should get on that since it seems I'm missing a lot.