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  1. Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV 2017-2018

    I'm watching The Orville and I too often play that game as well forst, but atleast it has more of a Star Trek feel, than Star Trek IMHO. Where is the sence of wonder, the social debate, the exploration... All Star Trek focusses on is war and drama (And that fine, but there a lot of shows out there that do it way better)?!? For instance the 7th Orville episode could easily have been a Trek ep. It made me think and rethink how I/we act and interact. Like Trek used to do. When I watch Discovery it's just 42 minutes of action and drama. It comes and goes. I haven't felt the need to discus any of the eps sofar on this forum. It's GoT but then in space and with worse actors, poor music...
  2. Haven't seen the 7the ep yet, but I do agree with Harry Kim concerning the Orville. This show has the old Trek feeling, tackling important cultural and social problems. The 7th episode is a good example of how our society functions today... As for the humour, sometimes it's a bit childish.
  3. Prison Break Returns

    Why? is the inspiration running dry? first we had a comeback of 24, then Heroes (both weren't that good) and now Prison Break? I'll pass. There must be better shows out there...no?
  4. Haven't seen it yet. The movie isn't out yet in my part of the woods
  5. Star Trek: Discovery

    I'm with Shadow on this one. I don't understand why they keep going back in time. I want to move forward. It's like they don't have any inspiration. As for the ship, it's butt ugly. I'll watch it cos it's Trek, but can't see myself watching and/or enjoying an entire season.
  6. What I always wondered is where do this powerfull bad guys keep coming from? Who trains them? Who tells them to use the force for evil? Aren't all the powerfull sith dead? Or do they just pull out a can and whoppa you have a new bad guy?
  7. Blindspot

    Anyone following this show? I really like it and it looks promessing. I hope they don't reveal everything to quickly and to soon
  8. General Arrow Discussion (SPOILERS)

    They should have stopped with arrow aat the end of season 3. Now it's just silly. Oliver was the next head of the league of assassins. He passed the training and all. And now he's back and get's but kicked by a police officer, or a local thug? Also the storylines are that interesting anymore. Always more of the same.
  9. New Star Trek TV series coming in 2017

    It would be nice to see a new series for a change instead of watching reruns So I'm looking forward to it. Cos there isn't any good sci-fi on tv these days (unless I'm missing something?). I don't understand why it's limited to this CBS all access service. IMO it's the disease of this tv era. If I want to follow my favorite shows, I need a subscription on HBO, Netflix and my national/local service. And now also for CBS? Why can't these services just share shows so that you can pick one service and be done with it? And I agree, forst. If I pay for it, I don't wanna see any commercials or ads. I also share Ryan's views. I hope this show brings back some life intomthis place It's the only board I still visit from time to time.
  10. 2015 Movie Megathread

    Matt Damon got the lead in The Martian? Left behind again? Only looking foreward to the avengers and the new Terminator. The others don't really interest me
  11. 2014 Movie Megathread

    Finaly saw Interstellar. The visual effects were great. The Storyline was way too predictable. And the ending didn't make sence at all. 2 hours and 40 minutes and you aren't any wiser. They live in a tube? As for the timetravel, same problem as always. How can humanity save itself? Its the chicken and the egg all over again.
  12. Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV 2014-2015

    Only watching Marvel agents of... regularly. Arrow from time to time, but its more of the same. I really like Banshee. Anyone watching that one?
  13. Q: With a Snap of a Finger...

    Because Q is Q and he doesn't do nice. Look at our Q, she ate cow
  14. Well...

    I think he's spoiled Q feeds him cowmeat everyday
  15. Well...

    I'm not afraid I live on the otherside of the world