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  1. Yo, Hello, Yo

  2. 2012-2013 TV Season Cancellations

    Seen them already
  3. So...

    Hi Q!
  4. 2012-2013 TV Season Cancellations

    Annoyed about Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue. Both had potential but cancellations forced them to rush their endings. Oh well. And FINALLY I've reached 3500 posts! Such a spammer I am. Hehehe
  5. 2013 Movie Megathread

    Though not familiar with the book, I watched the trailer to Enders Game the other day (thanks to Quantum Demon on Facebook) and was very impressed. Plus it has Han Solo
  6. Still watching Star Trek?

    Just had to dig up 2 year+ old thread (what, it was on the first page, sue me ) Admittedly haven't watched much Trek the last few years. I've caught a couple of eps here and there when flicking over the channels. Have all on DVD and/or Blu Ray but haven't done a series run through since Enterprise ended I don't think? Sure we'll be doing a TNG rematch when all 7 seasons are released on Blu Ray.
  7. Star Trek Into Darkness Reviews (SPOILERS)

    Quite enjoyed Into Darkness. The best thing was the mention of Section 31. Reminded me of this place. Into Darkness also serves as the first movie ever where I had to take a toilet break. Damn beer. I've gone through all LOTRs movies and The Hobbit. Just getting old...
  8. Happy New Year

    Happy New Ye....oh wait; it's May
  9. So...

    Hello darkness my old friend...
  10. Doctor Who season 7 or 33, take your pick

    Well, the finale made up for a rather lacklustre season. The montage of arts at the start and the big reveal at the end were mind blowing. Up there as one of my favs of the new series. Oh hi by the way, it's been a few years.
  11. General Fringe Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Ooh, I think that would be very interesting indeed. We could at least have Charlie back.
  12. Happy Birthday Shadow!

    Happy Birthday Shadow!
  13. Time Traveler 1928 Talking on Cell Phone

    A lot of people in the youtube comments section keep mentioning 'cell phone' and 'no towers or satellites in 1928' - Let's assume for a moment that if this is a time traveller of some description they are indeed from our future. The 'cell phone' is most likely not a 'cell phone' as we conceive it and perhaps some kind of advanced walkie talkie or 'communicator' that doesn't require a tower or satellite to trasmit and receive, or as Ace implied, they sent their own 'satellite' back with them. The argument that its a hearing device. Plausible; but the actions of the 'woman' seem to dictact otherwise. The nerd in me would like to believe it is a time traveller; heck I'm of the belief that this is happening. Is this video proof of such an instance? I'm undecided at this stage.
  14. Caprica canceled

    nuff' said