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  1. United Federation of Planets

    Why not take a look at the brand new look United Federation of Planets. Re-launched today, July 1st, with an all new look and brand new features. Why not sign up at our growing online community, United Federation of Planets Forums, where you can chat about all aspects of the Star Trek franchise and anything else that you wish to talk about. So why not hope over and take a look? United Federation of Planets | UFP Forums
  2. United Federation of Planets

    Hey guys. We bhave new forums installed: UFP Forums Sign up and post. I also have a cool new site design and content on its way!
  3. United Federation of Planets

    Will do sir. Thanks! Anyone want to join?
  4. United Federation of Planets

    Yes I do know its coming into summer. But they have been going down for a while. Thanks for the praise on the site. Anyone else want to join the forums?
  5. United Federation of Planets

    Hey Guys. I just though I would spread the word about my site: United Federation of Planets. It is still building up. There is alos a message board there that I am trying to get back on its feet, so maybe you would like to come and joing and have a chat about Star Trek and other sci-fi in general? If so, why not drop by and visit the UFP Forums. Thanks Dustin.
  6. United Federation of Planets

    Hey Guys. I am just inviting you all to come and post at ym message board. I am also lookign for ways to bring you a unique site, so you all have reason to visit the main site too. I have lots of cool new features planned, but I also want your ideas. Thanks a million. Dustin.
  7. United Federation of Planets

    Board are now back up and running!!!
  8. United Federation of Planets

    UFP | UFP Forums The site is now online 1 year!!! What does everyone think of the site now that it has had a year to mature? Dustin Cook.
  9. UFP Episode Reviewers

    Anyone want to do some reviewing?
  10. UFP Episode Reviewers

    Hello All. I was wondering if anyone would like to join the staff of my site as episode reviewers? I have open: Star Trek: The Original Series (all seasons) Star Trek: The Next Generation (all seasons) Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (some seasons left) Star Trek: Enterprise (SEASON 1 ONLY) If you would like to review episodes for the United Federation of Planets (www.ufpst.co.uk) please post below. I do realise that reviewing episodes takes time. I do not expect someone to tackle a whole series. If a few of you would like to group together to review a season each, that will be no problem. Please post after this message if you are willing, and I will contact you directly. Thanks Dustin Cook.
  11. United Federation of Planets

    OK, I am confused - does that mena you like the way I have put it?
  12. United Federation of Planets

    Bumpy, bumpy. Considering a few chanegs to the site - expansion. Anyone got any ideas? Or at least what do people think of the site? DC.
  13. My Avatar is now a Chesire Avatar

    Maybe you have a firewll on certain file names of images on your computer?
  14. My Avatar is now a Chesire Avatar

    Try making sure there are no image linking porotection on the server you are on, that may be malfunctioning - working at times, and not at others. I can see it!