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  1. Something that occured to me...

    I'd agree with you. From what I've seen, the whole business model of the networks is "milk the cash-cow until she can be milked no more"... Looked at from their perspective, a series that is more profitable from day one is better. Of course, a good show, once it picks up, may be far more profitable than one that simply starts out middling-high...
  2. Exercise

    This one... The other is just long enough away that I can reach it with the other hand... Slightly out of focus because I was actually aiming at the squirrel...
  3. Exercise

    I used to run, and I need to re-start. The problem is the heat and humidity around here don't make it any easier - I dehydrate faster than I get a workout... Also, I've got some Roman rings at home, and I do a few pull-ups every now and then. It's the only thing keeping my upper body from vanishing into non-existence...
  4. Sri Lankan Civil War Over?

    Probably, Fred... But there's only one Prabhakaran... Now, I think they'll become more like the IRA in Northern Ireland, and ultimately, vanish... Another point to note: Their support up here is basically decimated as of now. The two parties who were their most major supporters basically got kicked down the gutter this election, and the others who were "supporting" them won't be so eager to do so anymore. Ultimately, I think we've seen the end of this incarnation of the LTTE. And good riddance, IMHO...
  5. My question is, do those rules have any legal basis, especially outside the school grounds?
  6. Members Photography

    This is a place called Gangaikonda Cholapuram. I visited there the week before last. This is one of a series of three temples built on this pattern - the first one (and most famous) is in Tanjore. This is the second, and the third is in Darasuram. All are pretty close to my home town. These temples were built by the Chola emperors who ruled between the 8th and 13th centuries. There's more from my albums here
  7. Happy Birthday Helburn

    Belated wishes, Helly!
  8. 100 Days 100 Micros

    I get the image of a petulant mummy going "Wah! Mine!"
  9. And the free market solution...
  10. This has been on the top of practically every place on the Tubes that I frequent... Is there something special about this guy switching, or is it just the Magic 60 that makes it worth talking so much about? Note from Indialand: Politicians switching parties here is an almost daily affair, so I didn't pay much attention to this as it initially came up...
  11. For a while, the Navies of the Free World were treating this like target practice... There's one international task-force, plus a hundred other lone-ships around there.
  12. Remember when....

    IIRC, longer... I remember debates used to span multiple threads, overflow-relaunch-overflow-rinse-repeat...
  13. Star Wars vs Star Trek

    Reminds me of a few internet fistfights i've been in...
  14. The world's next epidemic?

    It could be... If it's like AIDS or the plague, and doesn't kill its victims immediately, it'll thrive. On the other hand, if it develops very fast in the victim, it will basically burn itself out, even if it causes some really dramatic deaths. Obviously, being a flu, it's a virus. Unless a vaccine can be developed, we have very little defence against the little critters.
  15. Stephen Hawking "Very Ill"

    I got the impression from various articles that in a normal person, the infection would have been only of mild concern. I guess his ALS didn't help any...