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  1. So...

    Then the solution is to not go away. It will be less deserted.
  2. Getting rid of "The Bronze"

    I actually wouldn't recommend merging the Star Trek/Stargate/ect forums together. It's nice to have that distinction and they really are separate topics. Here's an example forum list that I would suggest: Administration Announcements Questions, Suggestions & Feedback Site Related (Just merge this with the above feedback forum) Sci-Fi (Call this Media? That way Miscellaneous Media could fit into here...) Star Trek Stargate Franchise Battlestar Galactica Lost General Sci-fi & Fantasy Miscellaneous Media Community Computer Core / Cybertrek (Let this be the computer/game/interet forum) Creativity Corner Miscellaneous The Bronze Contests & Games (Unless you're going to use it, just hide it) BBS Security The Brig Just my $0.02.
  3. 7.27.10 - Starcraft II is released!

    I won't be getting it for a while... I can't afford to flunk out of grad school. haha
  4. Given the activity level of the site, I think it would be a good idea to merge "The Bronze" and "Misc" into the same . It made sense in the old days to separate them because of the amount of "fluff" postings (and to keep user post counts under control) but now it just seems unnecessary.
  5. Star Wars coming to Blu-ray

    I'll wait for the "Extended Super Rare Special Blu-Ray" edition... which will be released two months after the first Blu-Ray.
  6. Was giving Data emotions a mistake?

    I always felt it was a bad idea to drop the idea Data had an emotion chip. I liked how it was worked into First Contact but I felt the "he left his emotion chip behind" and not even mentioning it in Nemesis to be plain sloppy.
  7. If you have a Netflix account, you can now stream every episode now! I'm rewatching the 9th and 10th seasons of SG1 on my PS3 and it's in 720p! It looks fantastic. Just an FYI!
  8. Greetings to New Members

    I'm not a newbie but I'll still say hi!
  9. The 500 post thread

    Ewwwww... Ummm, don't think thats in my contract. Wait, I don't have a contract!! *runs*
  10. Stargate Universe

    Excellent description! I'm actually looking forward to this spin off. Maybe they can get out of the rut Stargate has fallen into.
  11. The 500 post thread

    Ahhh! Can I at least have bathroom breaks? haha
  12. General Warehouse 13 Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Ehh, the show is just OK for me. Its not horrible but I'm not rushing to watch it either.
  13. The 500 post thread

    *sneaks into thread* I'll add a post to the cause! =D
  14. Michael Jackson passes away.

    I may be one of the few, but I wasn't affected by his death. I liked his music and I didn't judge him on his past, but it wasn't one of those earth shattering moments for me. *shrugs*
  15. Choice of suicide methods?

    Wait, no suicide by paper cut or suicide by Reese's Peanut Butter Cup?