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  1. Reliving DS9

    Well, well, well... Isn't this a blast from the past? I actually just finished a rewatch of Deep Space Nine about 2 months ago (and am currently 2 Seasons into Voyager). I've been watching all of Trek again, from the beginning. And having done all this in the last year and half / two years: TNG Season One is much, much worse than DS9 Season One. I'd still venture to say that as a whole, DS9 is the best of Star Trek series. I think I still prefer TNG overall, and the best episodes of Next Gen are better than the best episodes of DS9. But if you look at it from a cohesive, complete standpoint, DS9 wears the crown.
  2. Anyone going to the midnight show? (Star Trek: 2009)

    I've been to several midnight shows. All three LotR, Insurrection, Spider-Man 2, X2, Daredevil, Episode II and III, Quantum of Solace, The Dark Knight, PotC 1 and 2, and probably a few others. I love it. It's always such a great experience. I got my tickets for the 10:25 show in my pocket right now. I cant' wait.
  3. Official Star Trek (2009) Discussion Thread

    The new trailer is up. I am seriously sitting here in awe. I'm pretty much without words. It looks that amazing.
  4. I haven't seen it in a while, but she doesn't specifically name Jack does she? I think that's the conclusion the writers wanted us to make, but as has been proven time and gain on lost, just because the writers want us to believe it doesn't make it true.
  5. TNG on SCi Fi Channel?

    The first time I saw it on Sci-Fi it was the very beginning of "Cause and Effect" and I flipped out. I was pleased as punch. Granted I haven't seen it on since then, but now I know where it airs.
  6. 2008 Summer Olympics Thread

    Well, tonights relay was anything but close. The US annihilated everyone else. Though it was a shame about the gymnastics team. They were doing so well but just one or two mistakes and gone is the gold, but silver is nothing to scoff at. And by the way, am I the only one freaked out by the Chinese diving team?
  7. Firefly Blu-Ray Details

    I'm pretty sure this is only the second edition of Firefly, it's Serenity that has had two releases (three if you count the HD). Though I'd hardly count this as a double dip since it is another format, though the further extra features is a tad annoying.
  8. Anybody else seen this yet? I saw it today and I really liked it. I didn't love it, which was a tad disappointing, but it was engaging, dark, scary and funny, just like the show. I keep reading bad reviews for the film, mostly saying "It's just an over-long episode," and I have to ask the question: What's wrong with that? The show was amazing in it's heyday! And it reminded of some of the better low key episodes ("Beyond the Sea" springs to mind, and Amanda Peet's character even mentions that episode's Luther Lee Boggs). However, one thing that several negative reviews have latched onto and won't let go of is the Scully/ hospital subplot. While not as pointless as many believe (it actually serves a good parallel for Scully with what Mulder is facing with Father Joe) it was not integrated as well as it could be... plus a doctor using Google search to research a treatment? Mm... what? However, I felt the good outweighed the bad. Duchovony and Anderson were as good as ever. I genuinely found the mystery and conundrum (I don't really want to give anything away) surrounding it fascinating. The supporting performances were all pretty strong (though Xzhibit was a little wooden, but only a tad). Overall, I'd give it a strong 7 or 7.5 out of 10.
  9. Lost Themed Costume Party

    Or, you could tape a plane to your head and say you are Boone. My first thought was Ben, but not Ben as we know him, season 2's Henry Gale. Find the same style clothes and bruise the hell out of your face, make-up or reality, your choice
  10. Worst Comic Movie Adaption?

    I'll have to go with the majority and go with Batman & Robin. The only other one that comes close is Superman IV, though I imagine the early 90's Fantastic Four is a sin against god. As bad as Superman IV was I still have a soft spot for just how bad it was. It's something where they just ignored even trying to make something remotely passable movie and threw stuff together. Same with Fantastic Four and Captain America. The major sin with Batman & Robin is that you can tell they were genuinely trying to making a decent movie and failed on every level (you don't get that many stars by saying "Its so bad it has to be good!").
  11. The Lost World: Jurassic Park

    I will agree that the galliminus scene is the weakest in the movie, but it still looks loads better than some stuff in major studio releases (the creatures in I am Legend spring to mind). It just galls me so much that the two movies I mentioned can look better than most of what comes out even today (Godspeed Stan Winston). I don't remember how the bit with the raptors ended. It was either death by T-Rex or destruction of the boat. I *think*.
  12. The Lost World: Jurassic Park

    First, allow me to share in your love for Jurassic Park. It is the movie that made me love movies. If there was no Jurassic Park I probably wouldn't be here on the boards. I've read both novels at least twice (actually more recently than I've seen The Lost World). And I agree with your assessment, if you are going to ask him to write the book, keep most of what is in there! Though, it has been quite a while since I've seen The Lost World I do remember being a defender back when it was released. To paraphrase my defense "Had we never been exposed to the awesomeness of the first movie then this one would be great!" Although I agree about the San Diego scenes, and the missing internal logic about the dead ship crew members (the deleted scenes have stowaway raptors killing them), what bothers me the most is the poor integration of CGI and practical effects. My SFX bar is basiclly set by two films; Jurassic Park and Terminator 2: Judgement Day. They are near flawless. So why, why oh why, does The Lost World look worse? The stegosauraus is horrid! You can obviously tell the CGI herd from the animatronic herd? Its appalling. I've actually been planning on going back and watching alot of movies from the early to mid ninties that I haven't seen a while. The Lost World and Batman Returns are towards the top of my list.
  13. I thought it was alot funnier that "Bender's Big Score", though the plot wasn't nearly as involving. There was some really laugh out loud stuff (The deal with the Robot Devil sticks out in my mind). It was nearly as reliant on the old "Hey, remember this character" stuff, and there was minimal if any retconning of classic episodes *cough*"Jurassic Bark"*cough*
  14. Entertainment Weekly's 100 best from '83 to '08

    <shrug> EW's rules, it was one of my glaring omissions too, until I saw that guidelines.
  15. How worried are you about spoilers?

    I used to be a hound for spoilers, but after ruining something for myself that would have completely blown me away (Lost's "Through the Looking Glass") I've been steering clear, and I think I've been all the more entertained for it. I think its amazing how several big movies this summer have been trying very hard to keep their plots and major set pieces under wraps (Indy, Dark Knight, X-Files), and studio analyst have been saying that its a major risk in doing so. It makes me long for the days of The Empire Strikes Back and Wrath of Khan when no one had any idea what was going to happen.