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  1. Federation Council Debates - Discussion thread.

    That would certainly help things run more smoothly.
  2. Federation Council Debates - Discussion thread.

    The nature of which remains, uh, classified. Yes.
  3. Federation Council Debates - Discussion thread.

    Indeed. Section 31 has no doubt violated countless Federation laws and broken more treaty provisions then anyone could probably count. Something like their getting a Romulan Senator framed and sent to prison in order to get one of their informants promoted to the Continuing Committee in "Inter Arma..." comes to mind as something that would certainly draw intergalactic debate if it were discovered. I'm not suggesting we use that incident, but they probably do things like that all the time. But again, I'm only proposing this as a possibility in an attempt to stimulate selection of a topic. I remain open to any suggestion.
  4. Federation Council Debates - Discussion thread.

    So...about that topic? edit: Actually, as a random suggestion based on the madness () that might peak the interest of all the major powers, how about something regarding the public discovery of the existence of Section 31? Maybe they were discovered meddling in the affairs of one of the major powers. My bet is their would be a lot of parties rather displeased with the Federation, particularly whoever they were meddling with. 2nd edit: Um, as tr'Kaja suggests right below this post.
  5. Elections

    Then whoever wins, you're in luck. GOP propaganda aside, Senator Kerry has repeatedly made it clear he would never seek permission from any other nation in order to defend the U.S.'s national security. He simply believes, not unreasonably IMO, that it might not be a bad idea to respect the opinions of the global community. Not be confined by them, but respect them.
  6. Federation Council Debates - Discussion thread.

    We in the Dominion would certainly be very interested in anything that could potentially so dramatically reshape the military and political landscape of the Alpha Quadrant.
  7. Elections

    I would have to agree. Of course, I believe that even keeping the election confined to the U.S., Kerry will still win.
  8. Elections

    Thank you.
  9. Elections

    Basing one's opinion on facts rather then dogma (be it religious or political) and altering one's positions when changing information is presented to you does not make one indecisive. It indicates wisdom. Stubbornly refusing to change one's position regardless of the facts does not indicate a strong leader. It indicates a fool.
  10. Game players can be John Kerry

    And after a while the game just shuts off without an actual ending.
  11. Federation Council Debates - Discussion thread.

    How about something post mysterious fall of the Klingon Empire? :D
  12. Federation Council Debates - Discussion thread.

    So I'm assuming the Bajorans still are choosing not to accept Federation membership?
  13. Federation Council Debates - Discussion thread.

    That probably would make more sense. It's logical to assume the governments in question would probably send ambassadors rather then their respective heads of state. Which is why the Founders, displaying their unfaltering wisdom, chose to send me rather then one of their own.
  14. Federation Council Debates - Discussion thread.

    So you don't mind dieing a few times during the run of this debate As long as the cloning facilities keep churning out more of me, what do I care?
  15. Federation Council Debates - Discussion thread.

    Who knows what Odo's influence on the Great Link following "What You Leave Behind" might have been. I think it's entirely feasible that the Dominion may have been more willing to consider negotiation following DS9. That said, I call the Vorta.