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  1. Rumors of a Complete Series TNG Set on DVD

    I want to know before even buying what are the new special features, and if they really remastered the series
  2. Season Four Officially The End of BSG

    Until I heard it from Moore or the network season four is not the last one, but as far as anything their character die in season 4. It might be the last season for them
  3. Rumors of a Complete Series TNG Set on DVD

    A friend of mine said this set is suppose to have TNG is getting remastered like TOS. He said it was in on of the trek mags. I'm not sure if he was joking or not, if he wasn't I'll get this set
  4. Descent vs. Shadows & Symbols to Body & Soul

    Decent Pts 1-2 I found that the writers tied up I, Borg with the Lore storyline to be interesting.
  5. christie's auction

    I'm surprise how the Enterprise -A sold at, I thought at least matching the Enterprise-D. Still Paramount and Christie's make a huge amount of money and at least some of the fans getting a piece of Star trek history Enterprise-A 240,000 Enterprise -C 40,000 Enterprise-D 500,000 Enterprise-E 110,000 Voyager 110,000 DS9 110,000 Defiant 85,000
  6. christie's auction

    I was excepting the Enterprise-D to sold for more money than the Enterprise-E, but wow 500,000. Paramount is making a huge amount of money off this auction it might beat profits from a trek movie or 2 Congrats on being able to get what you wanted from the auction thanatos. I wish I had the extra money to by something from this auction
  7. 3x01/3x02 - "Occupation/Precipe"

    Loved the episode and web-episode was a good warm up to the third season opener. I can't wait until next week
  8. First cancellation of the 2006-2007 season

    The problem with networks is they except high rating automatically and some show need time to develop an audience sometimes it takes 1-2 seasons for it to happen,but when they have something moderately successful i.e Threhold on friday nights or the comdey titus, and move it around and don't adveristed its move people don't follow to the new time for varies reasons.
  9. TOS, ENT and the films all coming in HD?

    Now I'm willing to get TOS if this is true, and hopefully when TNG goes to HD-DVD and high def their special effects are updated as well.
  10. Star Trek: Resurrection

    10 Days After the events of Nemesis Picard sits in his ready room, as the enterprise enters the patrol routine near the romulan neutral zone. As the ship passes near by the nebula with Picard fought Shinzon and lost a dear friend. Picard flashes back to Data's final words. Picard loosely hearing good-bye as he dematerializes off the enemy vessel. A few seconds later see the ship blown up to so many pieces seeing and knowing there was a way second officer would have made it off the ship. Picard enters his ready room after the romulan ship hail them, he looks around of what is left of his office. He moves over to pick up his chair and sits slowly, as memories off those lost under his command flood through his mind as sadness over comes him, but with his mind meld with Spock and Sarek, only small tear emerge down his cheek. A few years later As the enterprise passes near the same sector, the enterprise under command of a task force, patrol the region as the captain of enterprise a different man with a different crew. Worf was his first officer, Laforge still chief Engineer, Beverly now second in command and still chief medical officer were the only ones left on board the flagship of the federation. As it appears to be another calm patrol day, Worf looked through personal reports as Picard was having a brief conversation with Laforge. As the ship turn to yellow alert, Picard looks up. Picard: Report The captain staring at the tactical station as Worf moves towards the officer Tactical: Unidentified ships approaching, in what looks like a tactical formation Picard: Open a channel Worf: Channel Open Picard: This is Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Federation starship Enterprise. Please state your intentions? Worf: They got the message Picard: Their status Tactical: unchanged Picard: Repeat the hail Worf: Captain, the other ships are also get a similar response As Picard look worried Picard: Red Alert The enterprise raises it shields as the alien vessels began firing on the enterprise and the other federation ships. As the battle begins Laforge rushes into the turbolift to be in Engineering as the primary tactical console flashes killing the female officer, as Worf rushes the secondary console and continues the enterprise's offense and defense motions. As the ship turn hard to port, the U.S.S Crusher with stands a direct hit. As the battle rages on Laforge inform Picard of the shield weaken and the directed fire towards the warp core. Picard attempts to give the order for the fleet to disengage and retreat. Picard: All hands abandon ship. As the bridge crew races to the turbolift, Worf see Picard moving toward the helm console Worf: Sir Picard: Get the hell out of here Commander As Picard pilots the ship, the Enterprise continues to take hits from the alien vessel. As fleet attempt to escape. Picard gives Worf a stare and Worf shakes his head and enters the turbolift. The computer repeatedly sounding the ship evacueed message. Escape pods and shuttles leaving the vessel as he turns to head the lead alien vessel. The remaining ships move to engage the alien vessel as one of them is destroyed within a second. Picard signals the helmsman to get the ship out of the conflict when the alert for a core breach begins to ring through out the ship. Picard orders all hands to leave the ship as the bridge staff quickly heads to the turbolift. Picard sees all the officers leave the bridge as he moves to the helm. Picard begins to pilot the enterprise as he orders the computer to signal him when all of the crew has leave the ship. The escape pods quickly eject from the Enterprise's hull as crew member sees parts of the federation flagship on fire and as the support vessels with the ship gets destroyed. The remaining two ship laid down cover fire for the Enterprise's escape pods. Laforge piloting one of the shuttlecraft maneuvers to avoid enemy fire, as other shuttles do the same. The escape pods move quickly away from the site of battle as Beverly and Laforge look at the enterprise hoping everyone got out including Picard. The computer informs Picard all hands have left the ship. Picard with relief say out loud “Okay old friend let show these alien what a starship can do.” As the Picard attempts the Picard maneuver as he is able to get one of the vessel, but the move speeded up the core breach as the remaining attacking vessel attack the enterprise as it core explodes. The blast destroys two remaining battle cruisers. Parts of the Enterprise-E rushes through space. Laforge and Crusher knows that was the last time they would see there old friend. As the two remaining Federation ships move to pick up the survivors of the Enterprise. In a blink of an eye the Enterprise was destroyed, her captain dead and a threat to the federation still looming. Picard opens his eyes, remembering seeing a place like this over five years ago when he died on the operating room of the Enterprise-D, and the godlike being meeting him was his friend and nemesis the powerful "Q." Picard: Q are you here? The federation captain yelled into the endless energy abyss. There was no reply, no kind of Q like appearance, slowly in the mind of the Enterprise captain that he may actually be dead and this is the after life. Like the explorer he is, Picard begins to walk. Walking to where, who knows in Jean-Luc's mind, it walking to who, that is in the back of his mind. And if no one or nothing, then what to wonder this emptiness for the rest of time. Picard tried not to think that way and began walking. The only thing keeping the now former captain are his memory, the mental and emotional locks he gain from his mind meld experience and his family-Riker, Laforge, Troi,Beverly. The road to nowhere and the road to some where that is where Picard is and so he will turn to find someone or something or perhaps go mad in the process. Who knows, for the first time Jean-Luc Picard does not have an ounce of what is to come of him. Starfleet Headquarters Military Intel briefing As Admiral Ross sits with a round table of officer ranging from captain to lt. Each officer gives the admiral a briefing of each sector. One officer is racing through the compound after receiving intel which would make any Lt. run as if their lives were in danger. As the lt. runs into the room, every was shocked with the officers entrance. Ross: Lt. your late Out of breathe and slowly trying to reply Lt.: Sorry sir. Replying back filling his lungs with air, as Ross pours a glass of water for him. He drinks it Lt.: You need to see this The lt. passes the padd to the admiral, as his jaw opens. Ross: This meeting is dismissed. Lt. have a sit. As the room cleared Ross looks at the padd again Ross: You just got this The lt. shake his head, Lt.: I had to reconfirm what I got, that's why I was late sir. Ross: Your with me Lt.: yes sir
  11. ATTN: TNG Gurus

    It would be the Romulans who have the superior cloaking device by proxy. The reman ship used in ST: Nemesis.
  12. TNG Alum Diss Prequel Idea for ST:XI

    Perhaps the dominion war would have started, I thought bring worf was a good idea, but as a recurring character. Or used another character in between the war ala Chain of Command like in the Favor the Bold and Sacifice of angels another captain should have taken over perhaps Riker or Laforge to show during war not just the captain can be removed from their post but other important officers.
  13. inspirational posters

  14. Star Trek: Resurrection

    As the enters orbit of Risa, the thoughts of the senior staff is that Kirk has returned. Riker prepares to looks out of his readyroom window. Riker screams "Q, I know you are around show yourself" Nothing happens, Riker looks around for a flash a whity comment: nothing Riker leaves the room and heads to the turbolift. The captain closes and rubs his eyes. He opens them up to see Q right in front of him. Q: You called Riker: eh... Q: Your wonder why kirk, and why Picard too. Its easy for any member of the Q to bring back the dead, but its another time to keep the timeline in order. You see Kirk has a pass, I'm giving him one last adventure, and everything goes back. Riker: You can fix it so that both of them can stay alive Q: true Q comes closer to Riker's ear and says"Why should I?" Q steps back as Riker thinks of the question he can think of an answer for Picard but not kirk. Q: Your think I have an answer for Picard, but not kirk. Perhaps this mission might give you the answer you need. In a flash, Q is gone and the turbolift contiunes to it destination without interuption. Riker look more determined to find the right answer for both, but maybe it not him. Riker began thinking perhaps its Picard and Kirk themselves who need to have the answer. As much as it made sense, it begins to make even more logical with what kind of being Q is and how he acts. Riker leaves the turbolift, and arrives to the transporter room. The chief see Riker and begins transport, the 23rd century appears from nothing as Riker slowly moves in front of his senior staff. Riker: Welcome aboard Captain. I'm captain William T. Riker and here is my senior staff Kirk looks dumb founded when he see worf. Riker: Ah, Captain this is my first officer Commander Worf, that is the same expression captain scott had when he saw worf as well. Kirk: Scotty made it to the century. Riker : we can discuss on our way captain, This is my chief engineer commander Laforge, chief medical officer Beverly Crusher, Cheif of Operation Wesley Crusher and ship Coucilor and my wife Deanna Riker leads the resent resurrected captain to the turbolift. Kirk: You told me met Scotty, did bones or anyone from my enterprise made it to the 24th. Riker: Admiral McCoy was on the first enterprise NCC-1701D, that was the same vessel where we met Scotty, and helped your former first officer with the Romluan. She was destoryed while you and Captain Picard stopped Soran. You save the planet and the system but the ship wasn't. Kirk:Can't wait to see Jean-Luc again seem like a nice guy. Riker: He was? Kirk: Was, oh my Riker began to explain what happen to former commanding officer and the Enterprise-E, and well what happend to his friends. Understandly, Kirk need some time to take in what he just heared. The former captain get a drink from the ship's relicator and as a toast to those he knew. Kirk: Here's to old and new friends who are not here. Q: Don't cry Kirk: Who said that Q flashes Q: I bought you back for a reason. Death isn't the end of the adventure its the beginning Q flashes out Kirk ponders his words.
  15. Star Trek XI

    Reunion pt1 Janeway gets out the bathroom again. Kim: Admiral you should watch out for mudd make the tile dirty The bridge begins to laugh as the door close Kim inside the bathroom: Wait a minute this is mud, AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Bridge: *laughs* Tom: 3rd redshirt to die under your command Janeway : I see number 4 is next Tom: Sorry Tuvok: Captain one word, air fresher for the love of god Janeway: Wait, I have an upset stomach Tuvok: Of what the hell Tvock neck pin himself Janeway: Medical emergency The EMH appears wearing a gas mask and sounding like darth vador ENH: Damn captain, I a doctor, not a jedi Tuvok wakes up what happen Janeway: your alive Tuvok:I rather be at home an smelling my wife's pon far farts Janeway: was it really that bad Tom: someone forgot to wash gorn with chesse, no smell like oh.....that so wrong Tom barfs next the bathroom. Doctor: glad I don't smell Kim: computer activite emh's smell seasoner EMH: All thing holy, what the frack did you eat. Janeway: what, it my body's way of enjoying what eat EMH: In this case find a new weapon for section 31 Then a flash Q: What's that smell Janeway: What Q: smell like a mirco brain not bathing for 400 year and dipped in chocolate EMH:Who Q: Worf Kim throws up EHM: Showing off what it takes for a promotion huh *giggles* Q:katie, you need to cut down on the mexican food Janeway: What had indian last night and tea a few hours ago Q: tea Q smile Q: He does have a sense of humor after all Janeway: what Q:Nothing just thinking, I'll let you contiune what your doing and killing off your crew. Janeway I'm getting this crew home Q: what left of them