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  1. Doctor Who - Discussion Thread

    You take that back! Donna Noble was awesome! Martha was without question the most annoying companion of new Who. *disappears for another 2 years*
  2. Post Your Fortune Cookie Fortunes

    ... in bed.
  3. Exercise

    I'm not a big fan of going to the gym or anything like that. If I'm going to exercise it has to be something fun. As for diet though I did lose about 50 lbs a couple of years ago by dieting. Just by paying better attention to a balanced diet and portions sizes really.
  4. Happy Birthday Bifbuff

    AH! I haven't been on here since my old laptop broke in half and I didn't see this til just now. Thanks guys!!
  5. Television Premiere/Return Dates

    I'm looking forward to the Amazing Race 13 which starts on Sept. 28th @ 8pm. That would be on CBS.
  6. Caulfield is a Daddy, Seafort is an Uncle

    Congratulations! That must be so exciting!
  7. 2001 Things That Bug Us

    2269. Losing my wallet.
  8. Aliens Visited Earth

    Not the most reputable news source but I found this article interesting/humourous. I totally believe him! http://www.towleroad.com/2008/07/apollo-14-veter.html
  9. The Office (UK version)

    I suddenly have a major urge to rewatch the UK ones. I haven't watched them since about the time they came out. I remember not liking the US version at first but after the first season it seems so different from the UK one. I remember liking David a lot more than Michael too which seems weird cause I find Michael hilarious most of the time now.
  10. "oh! Good!" and then proceeded with their lecturing.
  11. Yeah, we had those too. I got confronted by a stranger for being a teen mother because of one of them. Confronted? Really? What did they say to you? Just being all preachy about how I was too young to have a baby and I should be ashamed.
  12. Yeah, we had those too. I got confronted by a stranger for being a teen mother because of one of them.
  13. I totally agree that this is incredibly foolish behaviour but I think its bull to attack the in school child care. I really don't think that the prospect of free daycare for a couple of years would be enough to encourage a sudden jump like this and I don't think the 0.3% of girls that they normally have get pregnant at the school would be looked up to envied so much as to encourage 17 girls to make a pact to be just like them. My school also had in school daycare. It was run mainly by students interested in going into early childhood education. A big part of the program was also about teaching students how hard it really is to take care of small children and I know how effective that was for some of my classmates. I'd personally much prefer for teen mothers to get educated than become high school drop outs. Maybe they'll smarten up and learn something.
  14. I've been reading X-men from the start lately. I've had all the issues on my computer for a while now and I'm finally getting around to reading them. I'm still pretty close to the start though. The one I read the other day had a reference to Sean Connery as 007 in it.
  15. Another Spammer hits the Mark...

    *bows* Congrats! If only I could find somewhere to post 126 more posts so that I could become an accountant.