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  1. MGM/Warner Bros. green light new Stargate trilogy

    I'm just taking this as I would Star Trek or Star Wars' alternate timeline interpetation. It doesn't negate the SG-1, Atlantis and Universe shows but it goes in its own direction.
  2. Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    Shield improved a lot and with a second season it has a chance to keep getting better. They really stumbled out of the gate with the first half of the season. Hopefully Carter doesn't make the same mistakes.
  3. It could be better explained what happened inside the series. It's like they expect everyone to have already researched the history and/or be playing the MMO game they launched with it too. Still, the series isn't all that bad and it is trying to be innovative and different.
  4. Doctor Who season 7 or 33, take your pick

    That he is along with a lot of other famous work. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neil_Gaiman_bibliography
  5. 12 killed at Colorado theater

    Can we not get into gun laws and whether this makes a difference or not? Or I can start making cases about the extreme examples of violence in your countries and how you should be doing something different there? Should I cite the massacre in Norway last year as evidence that gun laws don't make a difference? Or that England could have prevented the riots from corrupt and poor police restraint? There are so many gun laws already that aren't enforced that this knee-jerk reaction does nothing but further complicate an already complicated right. It doesn't matter whether he had access to legal guns or not. If he was going to do it he would've done it and gotten the guns and explosives (which you can make on your own if you have the knowledge like he did) anyways. How about instead focusing on the fact someone was deranged and why he did it instead?
  6. Ray Bradbury (1920-2012)

    Probably and if there hasn't been yet, there will be.
  7. So...

    It's not completely deserted. There are still tumbleweeds.
  8. Kahn has since been denounced as a false rumor. Is he or isn't he in the movie? Depends on who you ask.
  9. Seen William Shatner's "The Captains" ?

    It's on Netflix. I put it in my instant queue to watch later.
  10. Sanctuary (SPOILERS)

    It was plainly obvious the writing on the wall with an impending cancellation so the wrap up in season 4 was a good ender. There was more that could have been done but I don't know where they'd go with it after that finale. I think they would have held it off had they not expected to be cancelled. I thought writing Ashley out was a mistake but I didn't hate Kate the way some fans did. She wasn't properly used which only made it that more frustrating and the series felt like it took a turn when Sci-Fi/SyFy took it up. I don't know how much meddling SyFy was doing but there was a real impression that it went differently than it led on after it became a television series. The first season opener is basically the webisodes strung together so you didn't really miss anything there.
  11. Something big was definitely hinted at in the finale but it was so vague we don't know what it means yet. It was a good ending to the series, excepting that last part with Walter opening up the new season. Without that, the series could have ended with only minor changes to the ending.
  12. I'm still watching and that was quite a change in the story. I still prefer old Walter though.
  13. Doctor Who - Discussion Thread

    The new companion is rumored to be non-human so that could be interesting. I don't know what species or appearance though.
  14. Doctor Who - Discussion Thread

    I was somewhat disappointed but not surprised about the news of Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill won't be back after this next season. I thought they were great companions but companions rarely stay for this long.
  15. Remembering Deep Space Nine

    I've finished TNG and have begun on DS9 on Netflix. I haven't seen most of the first season so there's plenty for me to watch. I'd forgotten how angry Sisko was initially. He had a lot of pent up anger.