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  1. DMD

    Hey DMD - What's up with the Sliders BBoard? You heard anything from anyone?
  2. Star Trek Into Darkness trailer news

    Hmmm, I was actually going to say something quite different - I thought the actual trailer made it seem much more like a Star Trek movie. The first trailer had very little (if any) footage in space and only a couple images from the Enterprise. This one had a lot more. So maybe we'll actually get some stars in this movie. And Benedict Cumberbatch is incredible. Even if the movie is subpar, I know he'll be amazing. Perhaps the best villain in the movie series, no matter who he's playing.
  3. Man of Steel trailer out

    Well, we had a big debate about this on our Sliders BBoard, and I do think that that the Nolan Batman trilogy might've had a bad effect on movies as a whole. I think it was awesome enough that I don't really care about the collateral damage, but it does seem like every movie needs to be darker. I know most of these movies are claiming that they're not as dark as they appear, but Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Man of Steel all have a dark and hopeless vibe to them. And all of these movies are supposed to be bright and happier than Batman would ever be. What's interesting is that the tone of the shots (the coloring) is even dark. By making the blue and red darker and putting Superman in a darker-looking world, it doesn't feel like Superman. All that being said, I did enjoy the trailer. And I think the movie could be pretty good.
  4. Do we need spoiler tags in this post? I'll add them, but I thought it was assumed.
  5. Star Trek Into Darkness trailer news

    I had the same thought. Don't get me wrong...I love the Nolanverse....but I wonder if it was too good - because it seems to be seeping into everything else. It appears that Man of Steel is going the same route. I don't think, on the surface, either Trek or Superman needs to be gritty. They can fight gritty enemies, for sure. But they both are bright and colorful. Everything in that trailer was dark, black, or grey. And it seemed like most of the Starfleet uniforms were black ones. It was almost jarring to see the bright blue a couple of times. Not a huge complaint but one nonetheless.
  6. Star Trek Into Darkness trailer news

    Well, I thought it was good, but it certainly didn't feel like a trailer for a Star Trek movie. If there were any shots from the Enterprise, they weren't memorable, and I don't think there were any shots from space at all. Seems like a lot of the action is taking place on Earth. That's not a bad thing....I actually think a TV series (or even a miniseries) taking place on Earth would be really interesting. Some of the episodes that took place on Earth were really interesting to me. Just so we get an idea of what things look like for non-Starfleet humans. Which seemingly do exist.
  7. Oh wow....

    Yeah, even our Sliders BBoard is just sorta hanging around. Doesn't seem like there's much to talk about. But I guess as "Into Darkness" moves ahead, things might pick up around here. So I can add it to my sites to check when I'm bored at work
  8. Oh wow....

    This place still exists, huh? And my name/password still works. Interested in a blast from the past?
  9. There was speculation that Jor-El, upon his interaction with Jonathan in the season 3 premiere (the one that eventually led to his death), Jonathan's personality was uploaded into the Fortress (in the same way Jor-El's is). And much like Clark was the only one who heard most of Jor-El's messages, Clark was the only one who was able to see/hear Jonathan. At the end of the day, that didn't bother me. Dexter talks to his dead father all the time, and it makes for interesting scenes. And, at the end of the day, Jonathan really needed to be a significant part for the episode to work. Because, more than anything, I think it was Clark realizing the balance between human and Kryptonian that allowed him to fly. And that meant accepting his Earth heritage (through Jonathan) and his Kryptonian heritage (through Jor-El). As far as Lex goes, that was a bit confusing. I think we're supposed to believe that Lex was just naturally evil and would eventually fall into line. The problem with that is that we have seven years worth of evidence to disprove that. Lex wasn't a monster when we first met him; in fact, he was a better person than Clark for the first couple years of the show. It was only through his experiences in Smallville (from his father's meddling to his trust issues with Clark to issues with his own destiny) that Lex turned to darkness. So if you remove all those experiences, I think Lex wakes up and probably becomes a force for good. Without his father to mess with him and Clark's friendship to drive him crazy...I don't think Lex would be the guy from the comics. Now it would fix the issue of Lex recognizing Clark because he never would've met him. And it would've explained how Lex (in the current comics, at least) doesn't ever mention growing up in Smallville. But I think they should've just erased all the clones and the secret.
  10. That's definitely true. There were times when the show dragged, and then the end came and I wanted more. I don't think the finale was great by any means. But I went in with pretty low expectations, especially for the Darkseid story. And I left pleasantly surprised because the "cool" moments they randomly threw in were still pretty cool. We got Tom Welling as Superman, kinda. And that's what we've been waiting for.
  11. Well, I look at Smallville the same way that I looked at Voyager. Voyager, if you're looking at it like DS9, should've come home somewhere in the middle of the final season because there was so much to deal with in terms of re-adapting to life in the Delta Quadrant. There were characters, like Seven, that would've really struggled with it. There were reunions we needed to see. Consequences and potential court-martials. There was a treasure trove of intelligence that needed to be given. But, at the end of the day, Voyager was Voyager. It wasn't dark and serious like DS9. It was a show that went week to week, and the only way it knew how to end was with a final shot of Voyager soaring towards Earth. It wasn't about dealing with consequences, and you had to know that coming in. The people that hated Voyager never really understood why it wasn't something that it wasn't. Voyager never tried to be DS9, and it shouldn't have been held to those same standards. I got that, and that's why I liked it. It's the same thing with Smallville. You can't watch that show with any sort of unrealistic expectations because the show has been on for ten years. It is what it is. You can't expect to blown away by it because how many times has it blown you away in ten years? The CG wasn't great, but the show's CG has dipped dramatically in the last few years. But you have to remember that this is a show on the CW that has already been on for ten years. It doesn't get great ratings anymore, and it is on its last legs. The budget for Smallville isn't what it used to be, and it's showing. I mean, heck, look at Doomsday from season 8. That should've shown you that Smallville just doesn't have the budget to do certain things, and when they try, it looks cheap. That's why we never really got Darkseid in the flesh...because it would've looked silly. And, again, Clark couldn't have become Superman in the middle of the season because they didn't have a suit. Want a suit that looks good? That means the finale effects will get worse because they'd have to spend more money on costuming. They probably got the Superman Returns costume on loan from Warner Bros. and couldn't actually wear it because a) it didn't fit or b) they weren't allowed. So you get a CGI superman. The smaller it looks, the more real it looks because there's less need for details. So I guess I just don't understand the high expectations. I'm not even sure I would understand low expectations for the show at this point. We knew what Smallville was at this point. So I just went in looking for those two or three cool moments, and I got them. I thought the flash-forward at the Planet was really cool. I though the Clark/Lex scene was pretty cool. I thought Clark finally flying was cool. And I thought the scene at the Fortress was cool. Whether or not the story made any sense wasn't important because the story hasn't made any sense this season. If the story had been awesome all year, I would've been more disappointed. But I saw the story drag on all season, and I adjusted my expectations. If the story in the finale was great, I would've been blown away. It wasn't...so I was just happy to get what I got.
  12. The season two finale had some actual movement, but it was way too little...way too late. They had about 20 episodes to get some sort of story progression, and they just wasted way too much time. If the season two finale had take place in season one, I think the show might have had a chance. But when you have two seasons (albeit truncated) of a show about a resistance movement where no sort of resistance ever really happens, you're probably going to be cancelled.
  13. Well, I'll step in for Smallville's sake. I'll start out with some of my own negative thoughts: - I thought the Darkseid plot, for the whole season, didn't work. The "darkness" was very ambiguous, compounded by the fact that it didn't seem to affect Oliver all that much. The fact that Darkseid wasn't ever really there made him less scary, and the plot was so scattered throughout the season that it never really felt like I needed to be scared. Then Darkseid shows up in the body of a wounded old man, and he's dealt with extremely easily. But a lack of solid fights on this show was a problem from day one. - I wish that there had been a final conversation between Lex and Superman. Where Lex and Clark could have one final moment, and we could figure out exactly what Lex remembers about anything. So his entire childhood is gone? What does he remember, and how does he think it happened? If his childhood is gone, wouldn't he return to the innocent Lex that we saw back in season one? Particularly since the source of his darkness is gone. - They said Lex is a clone. Apparently this is up for debate, but it sure seemed that way. If that's the case, that sucks: Now, in the show's defense: - They didn't get the "money" or "hero" shot because I doubt they actually had a costume for him to wear. As I'm sure you all noticed, the costume that was hanging in the fortress (and handed to Clark) was the Superman Returns costume. Which was, of course, fitted for Brandon Routh and not Tom Welling. And while they're similar height and build, I'm not sure it would fit. And as you saw in the footage you could see, the cape was brighter red and more "flowing" than the Superman Returns cape was (which was made of heavier material and darker red). So even if the suit fit, they didn't use it in any of the filming. In fact, even the suit from the final shot (which, of course, wasn't shown fully) didn't have the same "S" as the Superman Returns shot. So there wasn't a "hero" shot because it was impossible unless they made their own suit. It might have also been Tom Welling's wish, since he was never comfortable with the idea of being Superman (as opposed to just being Clark). So that also might have been a part of it. - Superman did save the Earth from a planet crashing into it. While it's not necessarily exciting, it is rather heroic. - The show actually touched base with a lot of things. I loved the fact that Jonathan and Martha played such a big role because that's really what the show was all about...Clark using human love and compassion in combination with his alien strength and powers. The show was about an alien trying to live as a human, and the finale really captured that struggle (whether it happened organically or not). Clark was, for some reason, under the impression that he had to get passed his past to become the world's greatest hero. What both Jor-El and his human parents were trying to tell him was that every step of the journey was important. And that they can't be erased or the foundation falls apart. That Clark saving the school from Electricity Boy in episode one was just as important to his journey as any other part. - Then there were countless references to earlier seasons and events. Whether you liked the Jimmy crap, it was good continuity to have Aaron Ashmore come back to play the real Jimmy. It was cool that Michael McKean came back (just a voiceover or not) to play Perry. It was cool to have John Glover and Allison Mack and Terrence Stamp all there for the party. And it was really cool that Rosenbaum came back. The show just feels better when Lex is there to lecture everyone. I thought both of his scenes were really well done, and I thought he stepped right back into the role. I will easily admit that this season wasn't perfect. A lot of times, it felt like it was three different seasons going in three different directions. I felt like they wasted a lot of time on things that didn't necessarily matter, and I didn't really like the structure of the season. (I break down the way I would've done the season, in detail, in this thread over at the Sliders BBoard I visit under the name "Slider_Quinn21" here) But, at the end of the day, I found the ending satisfying. Clark is able to get passed all the teen angst. He's able to accept his alien heritage, in combination with his Earthly roots. He's able to embrace his past and literally soar towards his future. And while the show lost its way several times, I felt like, at least for the last quarter of the finale, it ended up exactly where it needed to be. Clark flying to his destiny. Defeating a big villain (in Smallville) before saving the President (and Lois) and literally saving the world in front of the cheering masses. It's the way the show needed to end, and that's exactly what happened.
  14. Yeah, they're already running a Lex promo on the CW. Looks like it will be pretty solid. As far as "Kent" goes, Clark destroyed his mirror box, and alt-Clark didn't. So when alt-Clark activated his mirror box, it became a one-way trip. And then he sent Clark to Earth-2 the same way. Booster was fun, I thought. I did think the Blue Beetle was a bit tacked on...I would've preferred something else as the B-story, but that's just because I know nothing about his character.
  15. What do you watch live?

    Also virtually nothing. I've signed up for a Hulu account, and it keeps track of any new episodes for almost every show I watch. For shows that are not on Hulu (Walking Dead, Smallville, V, etc), I DVR and watch at my convenience. In fact, even if I'm home and just watching TV, I'd rather DVR something and watch channel surf live. Fast forwarding through commercials is the main reason, but I just don't get excited about shows anymore. I might watch a season premiere live, but LOST was the last show that I watched as it happened. Everything else, I'm willing to wait for.