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  1. FCN

    Hey all... just thought I'd better tell you that the link to FCN has changed! The new URL is http://www.ferenginews.com. It may take a day or two to resolve for everyone, but it's there. I did this for numerous reasons, most of all though is that I had goofed up my chances on ever getting good listings on [http://www.google.com]Google about a year ago when I tried using "ghost pages" to get more hits. This is a bad idea as Google (once they figure it out) will ban your site. So... FCN is still there... in fact, it's getting better and better. It just has a new URL is all. Thanks for your continued support.
  2. FCN

    Thanks Capt. Holden! Glad you're enjoying it! Today's article is based on the opening of the New York City Trade Center. I took the photo from the same article, threw in a Cardassia Prime sky, and forground in, and added a Cardassian emblem to the side. Oh yeah, I shaped the top of the building a bit more "angled" to fit with Cardassian architecture. Once again... Enjoy!
  3. FCN

    The articles are coming fast and furious these days! This one is about the FBI possibily finding the body of Jimmy Hoffa. It's based on this article on news24.com, and again, the altered picture of Hoffa originated with a search on http://images.google.com/. I didn't even change his name... I mean "Hoffa" is as good a Ferengi name as any I can think of. I also didn't change what he did... started unions. I mean what else would be sure to get you "bumped" on Ferenginar? The article mentions that he organized the only recorded union. This is because the union that Rom started was never reported. And since FCN is based post DS9 even if it HAD been "recorded" with Rom as the Grand Nagus I doubt it would be still. Once again... Enjoy!
  4. FCN

    This week's article is based on the news that US President Bush and potential CIA head Michael Hayden are defending spying after database report. What better ogranization for someone like that to be potential head of than the FCA.
  5. FCN

    This week's FCN article is based on Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards' recent brain surgery. The article I used was from People Magazine's site, and the picture was found by doing a search on images.google.com for "Keith Richards. I did this one because I looked at his picture on the news and thought, "Man he looks like senator Vreenak!" Enjoy!
  6. FCN

    Hey all... I would like to proudly announce Phase 1 of the FCN overhaul has been completed. Please, feel free to have a look. This ushers in a lot of new features on the site, and a lot more are in the pipeline... including some amazing upgrades to the "news" section of the site. A possible message board of my own. As well as some other fun ideas I have planned. This phase features a revamp of the architecture of the site, including a lot of small things, and a few bigger ones, such as a search function and membership sign up! So log on and enjoy!
  7. FCN

    And, right on the heals of that update, another one is now posted on FCN This article is about how the Ferengi diet can help prevent the Tuvan Syndrome in Vulcans and is based on the study that the Mediterranean diet helps prevent Alzheimer's. I used this article along with inoformation from Memory Alpha on the Vulcan Tuvan Syndrome as resoucres. I've even constructed a diagram of a Ferengi food pyramid for the illustration in the story. Enjoy!
  8. FCN

    Hey Harry... thanks for the suggestions. You did see the history, culture, food, etc. etc. pages right? I understand you're meaning do "stories" based on those aspects of Ferengi life... which is a good idea. It's partly what I try to do with the articles. I take real every-day news and rewrite it so that it reflects the Ferengi mind and way of life. As if it's happening and being written about on Ferenginar and by Ferengi. I know you probably "get that"... but I wanted to type it in case it enticed people to visit the site. I like the idea of book reviews too. I don't know how it could fit into the "immersive" site I'm trying to create... reviewing "real" books that is. But it might be something I add to it later. I've actually got some big plans for the site. Including a membership (which would be very un-Ferengi and be free) as well as other sections and an over all redesign. But that's not anytime soon. Thanks again for the input!!!
  9. FCN

    Okay all... it's that time again, a new update to FCN. This one is based on the news that Apple computers can now boot Windows XP. The story text itself was lifted from this website's article on the subject. There have been numerous articles posted since last I posted on here btw. And, if anyone has any ideas for articles, please PM me and let me know.
  10. FCN

    Hey all... I posted some new news to the FCN site. This has to do a bit with my trip to the convention in Tulsa this weekend and what I'll be "talking about" there. Just FYI. Enjoy!
  11. Starship Dimensions

    Very cool! Thanks for sending it! My only "criticism" is they should "fix" the background image so that it doesn't scroll with the content on the main page.
  12. FCN

    I know I keep posting just about every time someone posts... but I want you to all know I'm reading all these, even the "smallest" ones... and I appreciate them ALL! I'm so glad the site is being enjoyed! And I really do hope it inspires a new sort of more "immersive" Trek website! Thanks SO MUCH for the comments and encouragment! Your enjoyment is truly my profit!
  13. FCN

    No, not at all. Any "alien" or even like a Stargate or Star Wars costume I would even put on there. Nothing "perverted" or anything like that, and of course it would have to be Sci-Fi.
  14. FCN

    Hey all, I've added a "Galactic Celebrities" page under the database on the FCN site. If you have a picture of yourself in costume, and want to send it to me (gelt (at) noelgreen (dot) com), then I'll gladly post it on the site, along with a link at the bottom of your bio to your website (if you have one.) Just having fun and making Latinum!
  15. FCN