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  1. My mind must be slipping in my old age.
  2. I first showed up in April of 2001, so 16 years for me, too. The other day I was just describing to the wife the Section 31 Survivor game we had back in the day. Who won that? Quinn, wasn't it?
  3. Back in the 90's, I lived and breathed Star Trek. Now, it's barely a blip on my radar. I still buy all the novels, but I tend to save them up and binge read a bunch every three or four years. At that time I'll get nostalgic for the good old days. Once in a great while I'll get the DVD's out an watch through and entire series over the course of a month, but other than that, I don't devote too much time to Trek. I don't bother to go see the new films at the theater, preferring to wait until they hit home video. There really is no one to talk to about Trek in my day-to-day life, so it just drifts along as part of my life that is more in the background these days.
  4. Well, the news that broke yesterday that this was going to another prequel series, set 10 years before Kirk's original five-year mission, hasn't exactly got me jumping up and down in excitement. I'd rather go forward than back. I was hoping for something back in the 24th century or even beyond that, but I guess this is better than nothing at all.
  5. So the new series has finally received a name and teaser trailer showing the titular ship. Who else is excited for Trek to return to TV? EDIT: Wow, the fanboy hate is strong. Very few seem to like the design (which does seem to echo an old design from the 70's for the aborted Star Trek II TV series) or the look of the CGI.
  6. i've seen every episode so far. I think the second one was the funniest.
  7. Wow, she's nearly unrecognizable.
  8. I gave up on the original series about halfway through season 3...or was it season 4? I don't remember. How did it end anyway?
  9. Well, I just binge watched all of Daredevil season one. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
  10. Welcome to the Observation Lounge! I hope you enjoy your visits here. As DMD said, the place is a little slow these days, but there are few regulars who pop up now and then.
  11. Lots of movies I look forward to seeing when they hit home video. The only one I will probably venture out to the theater to see will be Star Wars.
  12. Yay, tax returns soon to arrive!
  13. This is probably my favorite series currently airing/in production. I've got quite the ritual around watching it each week when it airs.
  14. I think this year is a clear sign that it is time for Steven Moffat to move on and let someone else take over the show.
  15. I watched the pilot when it leaked online a few weeks back. I enjoyed it thoroughly enough that I'll be tuning in each week. Plus I like how they're building a small scale DC tv universe along with Arrow.