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  1. Wandering

    Man, I need to head down to Half-Price books and load up on some books. I could use with some new adventure.
  2. Wandering

    Indeed I was! I think Lil' Q and I were the next to the youngest, I believe someone else was 2 years younger than I. Yes, I do remember it! As a web developer, I sometimes bring up the graphics I created for it to show how far I've come, haha! I wish I'd left it running, but I feel it would have been slower or even dead, by now, if making the comparison of this place. Haha, I understand! It's pretty interesting to see how we grow up and what constitutes to stick with us or not.
  3. Wandering

    Quite understandable. There is more to talk about when there is 2 shows going on at the same time, a movie recently released and more on the way. But to answer my own question, I started building Star Trek websites in high school and now it's my career. I did a few things prior to switching to that, but I like to point back to it as where I was inspired to take it up. I've got Star Trek toys on my desk at work and watch the movies and series' throughout the year, but it's role is really only foundational only. I have introduced my children to the Animated Series and TNG and they love it. Especially my 3 year old son and TAS.
  4. Wandering

    Wandering through. I hope everyone is well. I don't see many on here...I'm actually having trouble remembering a lot of my time here, but I suppose that's because I was a mere 14 when I joined Section 31, and I just celebrated 30 years old last month. Wowee. One thing is for sure, I still love Star Trek. For those of us who have either spent that amount of time as a member on here or perhaps are just someone who grew up with Star Trek, how does it effect you in your life today? Your career? Your personal life? Do you talk about it with friends? Do you have your "Star Trek discuss with only" friends? I don't know if I'm back, but I'd love to see if I can remember to stay around for a bit.
  5. Yo, Hello, Yo

    So when am I going to get that free beer? :-)
  6. Happy Birthday Martok!

    Haha, thank all of you! Belatively of course. I got married in December, if that makes you feel any older. I still lurk around, but have barely anytime to post! Hope all is well!
  7. It's a baby girl for Jolie and Pitt

    Ditto that. *shrugs* People have babies everyday, what makes them special? They sure think they are.
  8. X-Men 3

    Well, I must say...I was blown away. When Beast started fighting, I was ready to cry with joy. (I loved him especially on the tv show) The real only fault I found in it, was the dialouge on occasion. It was...very comic book corny at times. Which, in all the years I read X-men comics, they had from time to time. It made it all the more fun though. Also, I wondered if they could have dived more into Phoenix/Jean Gray's character more. She hardly had a line in the movie really. It made me think of Generations, where Nemoy and Kelly wouldn't do the movie because of so little lines. Although no one could play her part if she left, in my opinion, I wished we could have heard more of the struggle going on between her two halves. Maybe even vision into the battle of her mind? Can anyone say deleted scenes?!
  9. RIP Don Knotts

    I grew up watching reruns of The Andy Griffith Show, and his movies. RIP, Five.
  10. This just sounds like a excuse for a party! Thanks to the entire staff past and present. You guys make it happen, and still find time for coffee with the members. Sort of.
  11. Batman Returns

    The makeup was dead on, but as far as acting...it was good, but I agree, not as Joker like as one might imagine.
  12. 2001 Things That Bug Us

    1901. Neighbors at work who are so noisy you want to "quiet" them down "quietly".
  13. Howard Stern and Sulu?

    Aye. And I also refuse to listen to commericals, and since thats all that is on normal radio, I don't listen to the radio.
  14. The end of Blockbuster

    That'd be sad really. I rather like going to Blockbuster to pick out a random movie, or get the newest one. I just wouldn't buy from them, because of the half rate quality of the dvd boxes they sell. Unless you want to pay $20-25 for a dvd I can buy at Target or Wal-Mart for $12-15.
  15. have a woman banker. That must be why my girlfriends dad married her mother! Because she was a banker! But is the a difference from a woman thats a teller, and one thats a loan officer?