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  1. 15 (!) years later...

    Not me. I only did "Hour by Hour".
  2. Merry Christmas 2016!

    Too late for Christmas, but Happy New Year to all.
  3. Star Trek Deaths 2016

    Last night being the end of the year, I went to Youtube to check out TCM's annual tribute to the movie celebrities who died in 2016. That led me to other celebrity tribute videos, and I came across the death of Barry Jenner. Not a name I would have recognized. Nor a face -- at least not in the picture they had of him as an old man. But on the wall behind him was a very large picture of him as Admiral Ross (DS9). Admiral Ross dead! Of course, everyone knows when one of the really big names in Star Trek dies, but I find the deaths of the lesser-known names interesting, too (like last year, when I stumbled across the news that Grace Lee Whitney -- Janice Rand, TOS -- had died). Some of the 2016 names are lesser-known only as Trek actors -- well known otherwise -- and I had heard of their deaths but forgotten that they had had roles in Star Trek. StarTrek.com has a list, and I assume that they covered everyone. Of note to me, aside from Barry Jenner, were: Don Marshall, who played Lt. Boma in The Galileo Seven (TOS); Fritz Weaver, who played Conservator Kovat in Tribunal (DS9) -- and it's only now that I see a picture of him without the make-up that I recognize him; Ron Glass, most famous for his role in Barney Miller, who played Loken in Nightingale (VOY); William Schallert, whom I had forgotten had played Nilz Barris in The Trouble with Tribbles (TOS); Richard Libertini, who played a rival Emissary of the Prophets, Akorem Laan, in Accession (DS9).
  4. Wandering

    Greetings, Martok. The short answer is that it doesn't. At all, really. I haven't seen the new movies, and don't intend to. No one I know is a fan, so I don't have anyone to talk to about it (and, anyway, there isn't much left to say). I did re-watch a lot of DS9 last year (or was it the year before?), but I re-watched several old tv series at the time.
  5. 50th Anniversary of Star Trek

    Just remembered that it was some time this month and decided to drop by and see when it was. Sept. 8, eh? I figured I'd missed it, and I did. And nobody posted about it, either. How far we have fallen.
  6. Canadian Star Trek 50th Anniversary Stamps

    This being Canada Day, I thought it appropriate to post this topic today, instead of yesterday, when I stumbled across the very large Star Trek display at the postal outlet. 50th Anniversary? Showing how out of touch with Trek I am these days, I hadn't even realized that we were approaching it. (Though, it does explain why there were not one but two unrelated Star Trek books in the small display of books at the front of the drugstore -- which, at the time, I thought was highly unusual.) In any case, Canada Post seems to have gone all out and really done a good job. (I, uh, looked at the thread which shows the USPS 50th Anniversary stamps....) The basic stamps include Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, the Enterprise, a D-7 Battlecruiser and one more... There are also lenticular stamps and posters (cool), collector booklets, coins (not well done, IMO), postcards, a blog, a Youtube channel.... Here is the main page.
  7. Yo, Hello, Yo

    Quark! Another ale!
  8. Yo, Hello, Yo

    Quark! Another Breshtanti ale here!
  9. Yo, Hello, Yo

    Yeah, I'm sort of a blank there. Happenstance and nostalgia. I noticed the bookmark while I was looking for something else.
  10. Yo, Hello, Yo

    Greetings. Quark! Breshtanti ale all around!
  11. Happy Birthday Shadow!

    Another belated one here, too. Happy birthday.
  12. Favorite yeoman

    Doris Atkins seemed nice. Colt had obvious appeal. (Never cared for Rand.)
  13. 214: Seen 'Em All

    I've seen everything except the animated series and Stargate: Universe. EDIT: Oops. Forgot that, although I did see a fair portion of it, I couldn't stand to watch all of SGA's "Vegas".
  14. How many episodes do you need to see?

    Of the live-action series, I've seen every episode except DS9's Rejoined. (I haven't seen the new movie, either.) It's certainly possible, perhaps even probable, that I've seen all of TAS, too, as I do remember watching it when I was a boy, but it was too long ago to be sure now.
  15. Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas.