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  1. Has it ever been stated why Q was so afraid of Guinan?

    If it had been personal I don’t think she would’ve gone into a defensive stance. I think Q was trying to deflect attention from himself, knowing very little of her bond with Picard...That’s kind of the gulf between omnipotence and omniscience...
  2. The Son's of Mogh. the ending bothers me.

    Somewhere there’s an awesome sequel where he regains his memory and is so vengeful he becomes chancellor just so he can punish Worf. Technically I guess he could dissolve the House of Martok, and once again be the last son of Mogh.
  3. Quite enjoyed "Lethe" and its deep immersion into Sarek's psyche. Possibly now the essential Sarek story.
  4. Has it ever been stated why Q was so afraid of Guinan?

    I suspect this is a problem in how the idea of Guinan changed over the years. Clearly there was a different idea, originally. But she might have intimidated Q as someone he could never screw with, because of the particular El-Aurian receptive acuity; they always know exactly what's really going on. But the Borg damaged that by scattering them across the galaxy, breaking the certainty they once knew when they were all gathered together and never had to doubt that everyone around them shared the same certainty. That's what drove Soran mad, the lost center of balance. Clearly Guinan kept hers, which was why she knew, for instance, when reality changed ("Yesterday's Enterprise").
  5. Star Trek: Discovery

    I loved it. I loved the Klingons, loved Burnham.
  6. 15 (!) years later...

    Still writing?
  7. Terrestrial Affairs: hey, I wrote that!

    Nope. Never really occurred to me to post about prior books here. The other that's relevant to Lower Decks would be Sapo Saga, which is also sci-fi.
  8. So, some of you old timers (wait a minute, we're all old timers here!) may remember that I used to post a lot of fiction here. Obviously I tended to post Star Trek fiction, but I also started branching out into my own space opera material, which I later dubbed Space Corps. Anyway, I've been writing more Space Corps material in recent years, and I've got a book , Terrestrial Affairs, that I put out. You can have a look, if you're interested .
  9. 15 (!) years later...

    Nuh-uh, dude. I visited the OL in the summer of 2000 during a visit with my sister to a potential new college, and you and Q were already doing the flirtsies (or whatever that was). So maybe you joined in April 2000, but certainly not 2001.
  10. Star Trek: Discovery

    Some people are freaking out about the appearance of the Klingons. But we Trekkers seem to freak about everything these days...
  11. 2017 Movie Megathread

    Most excited about Logan, the Justice League movies, Dark Tower, and Last Jedi. I'm looking forward to seeing what else might be interesting.
  12. You know what's depressing? This guy came here two years ago, made this big introduction, made eight posts, and then gave up on us. Last recent hope of a resurrection...
  13. Star Trek Deaths 2016

    And of course Anton. Although I don't sense that we're a Star Trek community that's going to be particularly nostalgic about the reboot movies.
  14. Star Trek: Discovery

    I'm not concerned about Fuller's exit. If anything it might help broaden the appeal of the show, since he tends to produce quirky material when in full creative control, and it's never had wide success. But he already had a good base of support, and the other guys behind the series aren't exactly slouches. I like the casting and character details we've learned recently. This could be very, very interesting.
  15. Wandering

    Martok was 14...! I always thought Helburn was the youngest one in our community (I mean, other than Lil Q, but y'know...). That makes you six years younger than me, but that was probably a much bigger gap back then. Remember TalShiarHQ?