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  1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    A little of A, a little of B. If there was more chatter here, I'm sure you'd have remembered better.
  2. 2018 Movie Megathread

    I'm not even remotely interested in Black Panther. I find it insulting that Marvel's most prominent black superhero has to be African. And not just African, but the king of a supercountry. So that it doesn't even reflect anything remotely African.
  3. Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek?

    Well, I say fascinating because I do pay attention to directors and screenwriters. It's a much better way to gauge a movie than a trailer. Trailers are overrated in their ability to sell movies. In a lot of ways they're far too slick and try to show too much. But knowing the talent behind a movie, whether or not it's delivered in the past, is a reasonable way to guess what to expect. But it's also fun to discover talent, and a trailer can't really convey that, either.
  4. Merry Christmas 2017!

    A little late, but I hope everyone had a happy Monday!
  5. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    I think what happened to Luke was that one happy ending didn’t really make up for the fact that he was unprepared to rebuild the Jedi all by himself. But even from the very first Star Wars movie we saw the kind of thought process that would result in this, and I’m not talking about Luke, but Obi-Wan, who spent years hiding the truth from him and letting a bad situation play out, until he no longer felt he had that option. It’s what happens with a Jedi mentality, which is reactionary, whereas the Sith are proactive. And that’s really the difference between them, not how they use the Force. But the Skywalkers tend to be wildcards. The traditional rules don’t necessarily apply. So they can be proactive and reactive, too. They just don’t have the proper guidance, because there’s no one to guide them on such a path. Kylo Ren continues that. Luke’s distrust of his nephew is his stumbling block, just as Obi-Wan’s inability to look past Jedi standards was his. He could’ve been training Luke that whole time! And so Luke doesn’t know how to train any better. He becomes his idea of Yoda, of Obi-Wan. But he isn’t either of them. Which turns out to be a good thing. And probably how Rey will finally break the cycle in the third movie.
  6. Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek?

    As a big fan of Tarantino, this is a welcome development. They’ve also secured the screenwriter of The Revenant (which featured Tom Hardy). If this actually happens, the results will be fascinating.
  7. Has it ever been stated why Q was so afraid of Guinan?

    If it had been personal I don’t think she would’ve gone into a defensive stance. I think Q was trying to deflect attention from himself, knowing very little of her bond with Picard...That’s kind of the gulf between omnipotence and omniscience...
  8. The Son's of Mogh. the ending bothers me.

    Somewhere there’s an awesome sequel where he regains his memory and is so vengeful he becomes chancellor just so he can punish Worf. Technically I guess he could dissolve the House of Martok, and once again be the last son of Mogh.
  9. Quite enjoyed "Lethe" and its deep immersion into Sarek's psyche. Possibly now the essential Sarek story.
  10. Has it ever been stated why Q was so afraid of Guinan?

    I suspect this is a problem in how the idea of Guinan changed over the years. Clearly there was a different idea, originally. But she might have intimidated Q as someone he could never screw with, because of the particular El-Aurian receptive acuity; they always know exactly what's really going on. But the Borg damaged that by scattering them across the galaxy, breaking the certainty they once knew when they were all gathered together and never had to doubt that everyone around them shared the same certainty. That's what drove Soran mad, the lost center of balance. Clearly Guinan kept hers, which was why she knew, for instance, when reality changed ("Yesterday's Enterprise").
  11. Star Trek: Discovery

    I loved it. I loved the Klingons, loved Burnham.
  12. 15 (!) years later...

    Still writing?
  13. Terrestrial Affairs: hey, I wrote that!

    Nope. Never really occurred to me to post about prior books here. The other that's relevant to Lower Decks would be Sapo Saga, which is also sci-fi.